In the last decade and a half, several animal shelters in numerous communities have comprehensively implemented a bold series of programs and services to reduce birthrates, increase adoptions and keep animals with their responsible caretakers.

As a result, they are achieving unprecedented results, saving upwards of 95 percent of all impounded animals in their animal control facilities. These communities share very little demographically. What they do share is leadership at their shelters with a passion for lifesaving and who have comprehensively implemented a key series of programs and services, collectively referred to as the “No Kill Equation.” At one time, those communities offered little more than killing and excuses. When they stopped blaming and changed their own behavior, the killing stopped. There is still a “public” in these communities, animals are still entering their shelters and resources are tight. But they are succeeding, where ours is failing. Our citizens are kind, caring and generous. We love animals. And we deserve an animal shelter that reflects, rather than undermines, our values.

Patricia Knapp

Forest Grove

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