Moving Paul Bunyan won't be a hard task Ñ but it certainly will require delicacy, according to officials of the company assigned to the job.

Emmert International, based in Clackamas, specializes in moving hard-to-move objects. Over the years, it has moved the Spruce Goose, a four-story San Antonio hotel and about 6,000 private homes.

Paul Bunyan doesn't pose a major challenge, said Tom Crino, the project manager .

'It's a fairly simple job,' he said. 'But it will be a slow process because of its shape. It's tall, and it's not rectangular.'

The work isn't complicated. After excavation, the company will slide steel I-beams under each corner of the statue and then place hydraulic dollies under the I-beams. The hydraulic dollies then will raise the statue and roll it slowly into place through a trench dug in advance.

The whole project will take three days, maybe less, Crino said. But it will take no more than 90 minutes to actually move the statue. Emmert will receive about $17,000 for the job.

Ñ Don Hamilton

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