When the venerable Imperial Hotel on Southwest Broadway, currently closed for renovation and sale, reopens in May, it will have a new name: St. Lucia Hotel. Along with the new name, of course, will be new, upscale prices.

Spotted at Visage Eyewear in the Pearl District last Saturday: Blazer coach Maurice Cheeks, trying on a new pair of frames. Let's hope it's something that goes well with rose-colored lenses.

Harvey Fink, the owner of Fink's Luggage and Repair at 517 S.W. 12th Ave., is just a patriotic kind of guy. He put together a full-page ad Ñ a tribute to the Oregon Air National Guard Ñ that ran in the Trib last November. Last weekend, when President Bush visited Portland, Harvey got a chance to meet him up close and personal in the receiving line at the air base. 'He had pep and bounce in his step,' says Harvey, who is 70 years old. 'I'd follow him into battle.'

• • •

'Just Out,' the local gay and lesbian magazine, reports that police officer Katie Potter, daughter of former Portland Police Chief Tom Potter, is lobbying City Hall to make domestic partners of cops and firefighters eligible for death and retirement benefits. Under the current city charter, only spouses and dependent children are eligible, but Katie is confident that something can be worked out. É My, how things change. It wasn't too long ago, at least in terms of geological time, that Portland's vice squad routinely entrapped homosexuals in the public restrooms at Lownsdale Square Ñ that's the one downtown across from the Portland Building Ñ then shook them down for sizable sums before they were scheduled to appear in city court. This, by the way, from retired Portland police officer Bill Johnson, whose first assignment as a trainee back in the 1950s was to the Lownsdale detail.

• • •

Inquiring minds, of course, want to know where Benicio Del Toro will be staying when he returns to P-town to finish 'The Hunted.' Why, the RiverPlace, of course, where he stayed before filming had to be suspended when he broke his wrist.

One day, it seems, everyone's lined up to marry Channel 6's Kelley Day. The next, a guy named John Farmer calls in to say the guys who work at the airport think Karen Adams, who anchors at KOIN on weekends, is the 'new hottie.' Talk about fickle. É

Dolorosa Margulis, fresh off a fund-raising campaign that brought in $8 million for the Humane Society, has her heart set on putting together a $1 million endowment for the police bureau's mounted patrol. 'But don't tell anybody,' she says, 'or they'll all run when they see me coming.'

• • •

Paul deLay's new album, 'Heavy Rotation,' goes No. 1 on the industry blues charts Ñ and what happens? The distributor goes bankrupt, taking all copies of the CD along with him. É Paul, who's down to 442 pounds, says he fell off the diet wagon a little bit over the holidays, but he's back on it now, knock on wood. É But somehow, he says, it does remind him of the name of his favorite country western song: 'Darling, would you get up and turn off the TV because I can't get over you?' As they say, anything for a joke.

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