The only clue that something is afoot inside B Complex is the line of patrons waiting to get in. Club revelers line the entrance like travelers set to lift anchor for a new world.

Since its opening last March, the all-ages nightclub has established a name for itself with a steady stream of acts ranging from Sleater-Kinney to old school hip-hoppers such as The Coup and spoken-word sage Saul Williams.

With no liquor license, the club instead serves up coffee, tea, soda and a spirited mix of indie rock and hip-hop on Friday and Saturday nights. Occasionally, it also plays host to international DJs and electronica artists.

The building's exterior blends into the surrounding industrial landscape.

Inside, however, there is an aura of unpretentious sophistication. A moody chic is established with such interior cues as curved, multilayered floors and dusky theater lighting.

The club doesn't take itself too seriously: Brightly colored walls line the loo, red for girls and pink for boys.

B Complex's booking agent, Brian Williamson, calls it 'maxi-lounge.'

'We wanted to make it as comfy as possible so that people could either chill out and engage in deep conversation or get completely into the entertainment,' he says.

No food is currently available, but plans are in the works to create a supper club or cafe on the upper level.

The space is also available for rental for cultural events, including film screenings and theater productions.

Right now B Complex is open only on the evenings when events are booked. This Sunday, Jan. 20, it will stage the Seaplane Fashion Show featuring local designers. Check the club's Web site,, for more information.

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