Songwriters in the Round

9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 19, Fez Ballroom

Yes, it's singer-songwriters. And, yes, it's acoustic guitars. But it's not Peter, Paul & Mary, says Portland musician Nicole Campbell, host of the monthly event, which has moved to a new home at the Fez. Performers, in addition to Campbell, are Lael Alderman of the Bella Fayes, Joe Davis of the Pinehurst Kids and Texas transplant Niki Duncan.

316 S.W. 11th Ave., 503-226-4171, Ext. 41, $6

The Crystal's 88th Birthday Free-for-All!

2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 20, Crystal Ballroom

It's historic, it's entertaining and, best of all, it's free! The party begins with a property tour and history lesson and ends sometime after the gospel band The Word begins playing in the ballroom at 11 p.m. In between, a variety of musical acts will play the ballroom and the site's other venues (some of which are limited to 21 and over).

1332 W. Burnside St., 503-225-0047, free



various times through April 17, OMSI's Omnimax Theater

OMSI's latest large-format offering introduces us to the wildlife of the Amazon River and its rain forest as seen through the eyes of a Bolivian shaman and an American botanist searching for plants with medicinal uses. The film crew was accompanied by Sydney Possuelo, then chief of the Brazilian Indian agency's Bureau of Isolated Tribes, who allowed them to film the Zo‘, a 'lost' tribe not discovered until several decades ago and perhaps the only Indian tribe in the Americas still largely unchanged by Western culture.

1945 S.E. Water St., 503-797-4640, $7 adults, $5 children ages 3-13 and seniors

'Cool and Crazy'

7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Friday, Jan. 18; 4 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 19; and 4 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 20, Whitsell Auditorium

London's Guardian called this documentary ÑÊfilmed in the frozen northern Norway town that also served as the setting for 'Babette's Feast' ÑÊ'the best movie about music since É 'Buena Vista Social Club.' '

1219 S.W. Park Ave., 503-221-1156, $5.50-$6.50

'Langrishe Go Down'

7 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 20, Whitsell Auditorium

Harold Pinter did the screen adaptation of this film, which stars Jeremy Irons and Judi Dench as ill-fated lovers in 1930s Ireland. Pinter enthusiasts can catch the pre-screening discussion by Mel Gussow, drama critic for The New York Times and author of 'Conversations With Pinter.'

1219 S.W. Park Ave., 503-221-1156, $5.50-$6.50


'Frida, un Retablo'

8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, through Jan. 26, El Centro Milagro

Frida Kahlo had a succinct take on her paintings and the public's view of them: 'They thought I was a surrealist, but I wasn't,' she said. 'I painted my own reality.' The Miracle Theatre Group's surrealistic take on the self-avowed nonsurrealist will tour throughout the West when the local run ends.

425 S.E. Sixth Ave., 503-236-7253, $12

'Forgetting the Last Kiss II: Electric Benicio'

10:30 Friday, Jan. 18, and Saturday, Jan. 19, Brody Theater

Michael McClafferty updates his one-man show, 'Forgetting the Last Kiss,' poking fun at Ñ among other things Ñ Benicio Del Toro. It's the star's final weekend of filming in Portland: Maybe he'll want to catch the show himself?

1904 N.W. 27th Ave., 503-224-0688, $6-$8


'Thrill Ride Ñ The Science of Fun'

various times through April 18, OMSI's Omnimax Theater

Omnimax's large-format visual roller-coaster ride provides the thrill of possibly throwing up without the fear of actually being killed. The film includes a history of thrill rides, virtual twists and turns and even an attempt to answer the question: 'Why are we doing this again?'

1945 S.E. Water St., 503-797-4640, $7 adults, $5 children ages 3-13 and seniors

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