What is wrong with the people of Portland? Are there no people in the Portland school system qualified to move into the position of superintendent? Why do we have go across the United States to find qualified candidates (District closes in on school leader, March 5)?

Part of the qualification requirements should be a term of working in the Portland school district. That term could be three, five or maybe even 10 years. That way our superintendent would be familiar with Portland school problems and be more committed to Portland and our schools.

We should be looking closer to home for our administrative leaders.

John M. Forman

Southeast Portland

There's more to Sept. 11 than White House is saying

On the six-month anniversary of Sept. 11, I write to beg the local media to break the Bush administration's lock on the perceptions of what happened that fateful day. Unless the Bush administration is challenged publicly about the veracity of its account, and its motives both before and after Sept. 11, a grave threat to democracy exists.

The official sequence of events both before and after Sept. 11 is filled with inconsistencies and contradictions.

Notable details include articles about warnings before Sept. 11 (see; decisions to invade Afghanistan before September (see; and the clear and growing evidence that the anthrax attack was an inside job from a right-wing cell determined to scare any potential opposition (see

I do not subscribe to everything these Web sites put out; however, a tremendous amount of credible information is emerging from these alternative sites that throws doubt on the real motives of the Bush administration. If even a small percentage of these accusations is correct, we are in danger. Independent media will be our best protection.

Tim Calvert

Southeast Portland

Bicyclists may annoy, but drivers can kill

The letters about reckless bicyclists really got to me, so I set out to tally up the toll.

Number of drivers killed by bicyclists É

Last week: 0

Last month: 0

Ever: Well, there may have been a freak incident somewhere, sometime, but it won't make any top 10 lists.

On the other hand, car crashes are the leading cause of death of children and young adults in the United States. Certainly, cyclists are responsible for obeying traffic laws. But try to keep things in perspective: Reckless bicyclists are annoying, while reckless drivers cripple and kill.

Andrew Holtz

Southwest Portland

Getting towed is a tough and expensive lesson

I read with interest your March 5 article by Don Hamilton (They're waiting, they're watching, and you're É Tow-nailed). My husband and I suffered a similar nightmare on the evening of March 6. If only I had read this article before our trauma.

My 83-year-old, handicapped mother had moved that weekend from Arizona to the Center Commons in Northeast Portland. Her family, many of us also retired and on fixed incomes, rallied together to get her moved in, and the Commons leasing office provided two parking passes for this project.

The family spent all weekend, Monday and Tuesday going in and out of the parking lot, many of us without parking permits, with no hint of towing incidents. This, unfortunately, gave us a false sense that the tow zone language didn't really have 'teeth' to it, and we were erroneously lackadaisical about attaching the parking permit. Our naive mind-set was, 'Surely there would be a warning given before a tow.'

Hamilton's article indicated that the tow company has 'spotters,' and our tow document confirms just that: spotted at 7:15 p.m., towed at 7:31 p.m. Wednesday. Sergeant's Towing confirmed they had our car; it cost $193.50 to retrieve it.

Charlotte Bagby


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