The Tribune asked key participants in this story to choose the one thought they would most like to share with readers. Their responses:

Randy Kaiser, owner, Stars Cabaret: 'Eighteen- to 20-year-olds have the same rights as 21-year-olds. They can vote, get married, have abortions and die by lethal injections. They should also have the right to dance, if they want to.'

Portland Mayor Vera Katz: 'I'm a fervent protector of the Constitution and First Amendment rights. On the other hand, we have businesses that fall in the gray zone. Women are exploited, criminal acts may be occurring and Portlanders are upset by these businesses in their neighborhoods.'

Jessie, 20-year-old dancer at Stars Cabaret: 'It's safer here than going to a grocery store. Here I have bouncers watching over me and walking me to my car. At a grocery store, there can be someone waiting in the parking lot to grab you.'

Larry Kochever, acting director, Portland Police Bureau's drugs and vice division: 'The city's position is that 18- to 20-year-olds shouldn't be allowed to dance. It doesn't make sense that a person can't go into a bar and drink a beer, but they can take off their clothes and dance in front of adult customers who are drinking.'

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