Spring had sprung, so orange-haired cartoonist John Callahan thought he'd head out to Washington Square and get something for his nephew, Patrick, who's getting ready for another Little League season. É A signed Ichiro Suzuki jersey at a sports memorabilia store called Field of Dreams was looking pretty good until he heard the price Ñ $1,699. John says he would have picked up the autographed baseball for $599, but he didn't want anyone to think he's cheap. É Store owner Doug Harris says they actually have guys who mingle in the crowds at spring training and hold out things for the stars to sign. 'It's pandemonium,' he says. That's one way to describe it, I guess.

• • •

To raise money for its summer reading program, the Library Foundation is raffling off an afternoon sailboat ride on the river with Commissioner Charlie Hales. 'Famed chef Ron Paul,' the brochure adds, 'will cater and serve a fabulous gourmet meal.' É Now, is this before or after Hales does or doesn't resign from the City Council? É And considering everything, it might be smart of them to specify which river we're talking about here. Or at least the country it's in. É More politics: David Bragdon, who's running for president of the Metro Council, has opened a campaign office Ñ in the Pearl District. Not only that, it's in the Gregory, one of the fancier addresses in that very fancy part of town É Always knew he was a man of the people É In case the name sounds familiar, Bragdon is the guy who once had the Metro seal rewritten in French: 'Approuve Conseil Metropolitaine.' I kid you not.

• • •

Over at Dante's, Frank Faillace says he just got his water bill in the mail. It was the first one in more than a year, so he knew it was going to be high. But $6,584.90? É 'They sent out a pretty decent letter saying they would set up a payment plan, etc.,' writes Frank. It's the et ceteras you got to watch out for. É This Saturday, Bonnie Jones and the rest of the Cutting Crew, at 3621 Hawthorne, will be conducting a 'Cut-a-thon' for Locks of Love, an organization that donates wigs to children who've lost their hair through chemotherapy or disease. All proceeds for the day will go to Locks of Love, and they're giving free haircuts to anyone who donates a ponytail 10 inches or longer. É Eating my way through Portland: The grilled salmon sandwich at Bread and Ink Cafe, at 36th and Hawthorne Ñ on a Greek roll with ginger and horseradish Ñ with maybe a glass of pinot gris to wash it down.

• • •

The Bob Packwood-sponsored ordinance to create an underground utility district in his new neighborhood is scheduled to come up for a reading before the Multnomah County Commission next week Ñ and then it will be up to the residents to decide. É Swing vote on the project, which has residents of this upper-crust neighborhood at one another's throats, may turn out to be Kristian Foden-Vencil, the morning voice on the local National Public Radio outlet. É Kristian assures that he would never vote for anything that would force any of his neighbors to join against their will Ñ which is, of course, no more than we'd expect from NPR É where the women are strong, the men are good-looking and the children are all above average. Or have I heard that somewhere before?

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