Just a few questions for you:

• Jerry West is available for a general manager job in the NBA, and he's rumored to be going to Memphis?

My goodness. This is ridiculous. Paul Allen's still married to Bob Whitsitt if West can be had? Come on, Allen can't let himself get outbid by a bunch of hillbillies for the immortal West, can he?

The former Laker general manager is one of the best general managers in NBA history and Whitsitt, in two decades of spending someone else's money, has never even made it to an NBA Finals. Sorry, but if Allen doesn't chase West, he's really not even trying to win.

•ÊWho said this?: 'I'm almost certain that the first-round series will someday be changed to a best-of-seven series. I've never understood why these should be short series. The league takes a big chance that a good team can get eliminated in the first round simply because of the format of the series. If you lose one of those first two games at home in a five-game series, you just don't have any time to get back in the series. É Panic can set in and you just don't have a chance to get back into it.'

Well, that would be Rick Adelman in his 1992 book 'The Long, Hot Winter,' co-written by some local hack. Adelman's Sacramento Kings will now try to avoid that 'panic' against the Utah Jazz.

•ÊWhat, exactly, is this about?: A player misses the first of a two-shot free-throw opportunity, yet still slaps hands with each of his teammates standing on the side of the lane. What does it mean: Congratulations on missing your free throw? Better luck next time? I think it looks really tacky to slap hands when a guy makes a free throw. It's just a free throw, after all. It probably isn't worthy of too much congratulatory time, is it?

•ÊWhen you've paid big money to go to a game, how do you react to this?: A player makes one of two free throws to cut his team's deficit to 16 and on his way back up the court he angrily waves his arms at the home crowd Ñ trying to urge the fans, whose team is getting hammered, to cheer louder. I see this all the time and, if I could make a big leap and put myself into the role of a paying customer, my thought would always be the same: 'Hey, pal, you do the playing, and I'll do the cheering Ñ and so far I'm doing a better job than you are.'

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