by: David F. Ashton Jazz recording artist Lloyd Jones entertains at the Westmoreland Union Manor Block Party.

Unless you a resident, or have friends or relatives at the Westmoreland Union Manor, the seven-acre facility seems to stand sedately apart, in a residential community. But, on August 5, the Manor was alive with activity.

'Today's event is called the Westmoreland Union Manor Block Party,' explained the facility's administrator, Doug Williams. 'The idea is to invite everyone in from the Westmoreland community.'

Members of their Residents' Club decided that they would like to have the building be a bigger part of the community, Williams said. 'And they'd also like to have the community be a bigger part in their building - that's stood here for almost 50 years.'

Many of their Manor residents once lived in Southeast Portland, and were active in their neighborhoods and communities, Williams pointed out. 'By holding events like these, our residents hope to find ways to 'reattach' with their community.'

The party offered hot dogs, chips and soda to everyone who dropped in, and the residents brought salads of all kinds, baked beans, and other delicious, home-made picnic accoutrements. All the while, jazz legend Lloyd Jones, a local resident, played and sang at the event.

'Look for more things like this in the future,' Williams said as he put on an apron and tended to hot dogs on the grill.

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