'Republican voters ought to be giddy about their choices in the GOP primary for governor. Any of the party's three leading candidates could mount a competitive campaign in the fall.

'É Our preference is for the one candidate who correctly assessed, early in the race, that Oregon's most pressing issue wasn't necessarily the economy, education or transportation. Rather, it is an absence of inspired executive leadership that has paralyzed our stateÉ

'While knowledgeable on the issues, (Ron) Saxton is no policy wonk É His communication style would allow him to build bridges with legislators while also defining a direction for the general public.

'Saxton feels the same frustration that many residents of the state are experiencing. He has a firm grasp of economic issues and an extensive background in education.'

Ñ A May 4 editorial endorsement

in The Gresham Outlook

'Democratic voters also have three candidates with enough experience

and support to be taken


'É Of the three, (Ted) Kulongoski emerges as an outstanding candidate with statesmanlike potential. He has the communication skills and the vision to help engage Oregonians once again with their government. Kulongoski has the deepest resumŽ of any candidate for governor in recent years. He has a good grasp of the state's priorities of education, transportation and economic growth. But he also realizes that the first order of business is to rebuild citizens' trust in state government.

'Kulongoski promises to be an activist governor in the best sense of that phrase Ñ someone who engages and communicates with the public. His understanding of the state bureaucrats and state legislators will help him forge consensus in Salem.'

Ñ A May 8 editorial in the

Forest Grove News-Times

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