Moving magnate Terry Emmert, who's been having his usual regulatory hassles with the city, was a bit surprised to get a phone call last week from Commissioner Jim Francesconi, asking him for a $1,000 donation for the city parks. É When Emmert said no, Francesconi said, Well, how about $1,000 for his mayoral campaign? 'Not only no, but hell no,' retorted Emmert. É With the election still two years off, asks Emmert, isn't it a little early to be dinging people with city business for campaign contributions? We're still trying to get a comment from Francesconi's office. É Joe Gatto, a regular at Nick's Famous Coney Island, is back in action after an operation that fused two vertebrae. Everybody's been assuming that Joe, who's been working in the family produce business, Gatto & Sons, since he was a kid, did it while lifting all those flats of tomatoes. É 'Nah,' says Frank Nudo, proprietor of Nick's, who always has the last word on such matters. 'It was his wallet. These past couple of years, anyway.'

• • •

Sure, Sen. Gordon Smith was able to hop a ride on Air Force One when George W. flew from Medford to Portland last week. Congressman Greg Walden was even invited aboard. É But as for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Mannix, who could use a whole lot of help in his uphill battle against Ted Kulongoski, forget it. It's beginning to look like the entire Republican organization is turning its back. É More little-known post-presidential facts: In 1993, when then-President Bill Clinton was in town for a forestry powwow, a member of his party, one Thomas G. Hart, was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution at Northeast 27th and Prescott. But Hart never showed up for his court date. É Nine years later, a warrant is still out for his arrest.

• • •

Deputy state medical examiner Nick Hartshorne, who dived to his death from a 1,300-foot cliff in Switzerland earlier this month, was due to be the best man for fellow BASE jumper Slim Simpson, who will marry Grand Cafe cha-cha instructor Andrea Lee next week. É Simpson himself recently spent six months in an Australian hospital after a similar accident. É As one who increasingly finds himself looking both ways before crossing a one-way street, my best wishes to the young couple. É A few lucky investors can't wait for the FDA to approve a new 'band-aid' that actually stops bleeding. É It's derived from shrimp shells and was invented in the laboratories of Dr. Kenton Gregory at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. É Jim Hensel, CEO of Hemcon, the Portland-based company that will produce the revolutionary new dressing, says if all goes as planned, production should begin by the end of the year. É Well, what's wrong with a little good news once in a while?

• • •

Diamond Dave Rogoway observes that if you bought $1,000 worth of Nortel stock a year ago, it would now be worth $49. With Enron, $16.50. With WorldCom, less than $5. É 'On the other hand, if you bought $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the 5-cent deposit, you would have $60,' he points out. 'Based on the above, my current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle.' É Not only are wine bars the latest 'in' thing, says Maggi White Ñ but pinot gris has replaced chardonnay as P-town's latest 'in' drink. É There, see how easy it is to be totally hip?

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