Door-to-door method sends fresh message

The special election for City Council has demonstrated that Portland has an immense wealth not measured in economic indicators but in human talent. Portland needs leadership and great ideas.

I support Josh Alpert for a number of reasons. Foremost is his recognition and support of the city's neighborhoods. Alpert has the skills and experience to do the job well. He has promised to go beyond that and actually spend a lot of time in the community. Not only has he made the promise, but he has delivered. During this campaign, he has gone door-to-door all over Portland.

We elect our representatives by mail now because it's 'convenient,' as if voting is a dirty task to be done. We don't feel connected anymore. Alpert is the candidate I am voting for because he is committed to coming to us instead of waiting for us to come to him. Isn't that what we want in someone elected to represent us?

Tom Badrick

Southeast Portland

Trosino stands out among crowd

Much of the coverage of this month's Portland City Council election has overlooked most of the candidates, focusing instead on the top four fund-raisers. Even your recent article noting that commissioners over the past 50 years have come from a few affluent neighborhoods (City Council tilts to the Northeast, Sept. 3) made this same error: The candidate mentioned as the one whose election would break the mold is, again, one of this year's top four fund-raisers, Randy Leonard.

The article could've mentioned that there are other hopefuls from east of 39th Avenue; I'd point out a viable candidate is Wayne Trosino, from Northeast Portland's Wilkes neighborhood.

Trosino is a small-business owner who would bring a fresh perspective to city government and a 'can-do attitude' that is greatly needed.

Richard Sorem

Southeast Portland

Callison cares about natural resources

I've spent more than a decade working professionally and as a citizen to protect our region's rivers.

Liz Callison's long track record shows that she can be counted on to develop pragmatic and effective ways to protect our environment if elected to the Portland City Council.

Portland's environment faces a multitude of threats. Without adequate protection, our rivers and air will continue to deteriorate. Callison deserves the support of those who care about Portland's natural resources.

Jon Rhodes

Southeast Portland

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