Close your eyes, and happy hour still will be there

Not to be confused with Muu-Muu's, Meow Meow, or Mummy's, you can now add Momo to the 'm' section of your nightlife Rolodex.

Located on one of downtown's sleepier blocks, Momo (somehow short for Bar Maximo) is near the intersection of the MAX and streetcar lines on Southwest 10th Avenue.

Despite its centrality, this can be a tricky location. For about a nanosecond, Momo used to be a place called Details. The new bar, which stays open deep into la noche, should be able to hang on longer Ñ especially if it's able to fix a mojito.

Momo, 2 months old, carries on in the same vein as its predecessor. A DJ booth near the entrance is where the more fervent listeners gather. A hip-hopster in bucket hat and beard tilts toward the break beats with a focus that borders on religious.

The next thing you notice is that there are more televisions in here than a Circuit City. Tuned to nothing in particular, the TVs flicker throughout the room. Add a spinning disco ball, spinning lights and booze, and you have a recipe for slowed-down brain waves, a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.

On a Saturday night at 11, it isn't easy for a gang of seven to flag the cocktail waitress to place an order, so one person is sent forth to the bar. Our scout returned to report that they couldn't make mojitos, the drink of choice. Still, the staff of two tried valiantly to empty an ocean with what was, essentially, a tea cup.

A Scotsman ordered Absolut Vodka and Diet Coke, which he assured the rest of the group was practically the national drink of Scotland. When it arrived, he commented that he 'would have liked some vodka with his coke.' All the same, the drinks were inhaled, and the prices were great.

Perhaps the thing that's most boffo about Momo is, it doesn't feel like it's got a 50-year-old venture capitalist bankrolling it. It feels like a group of friends got together and said, 'Hey! Let's open a bar.'

General Manager Jonah Mezgar says the lunch hour, when librarians from the downtown library come in on a break, is busy, too. Early in the evening, happy hour attracts area workers, and later in the night employees from nearby Jake's Grill stop in for a nightcap.

Momo's happy hour will make anyone happy Ñ it runs from

11 a.m. to 7 p.m. six days a week. The bar offers $2.50 well drinks and draft beers. Call drinks are $3.75, and domestic bottles are $1.50. Food is served until 2 a.m.

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