• More Mannix credit-card economics. The solution needs to have more integrity than putting a huge debt on the shoulders of future legislatures. I say we pay as we go.

• Public employees already bear some of the burden of their health insurance. It would be nice to reduce the rate of increase in the cost of premiums. The spiraling cost of prescription drugs is a major part.

• The 'one dimension' of Kevin Mannix is that he has worked his entire political career to eliminate or curtail a woman's right to choose. He introduced a bill that made it illegal for an unmarried woman to obtain artificial insemination. He opposed mandatory insurance coverage for contraceptives. I find this outrageous.

• What he says worked for him as a legislator doesn't suit the role of a governor.

• I am amazed that faced with a question about Oregon City, he complains about 'overzealousness' in child protection. We need improved training and procedures that ensure that complaints don't fall through the cracks. We need to realize that these caseworkers have very high caseloads.

• Who knows what Kevin will do or will not do? He tries to be all things to all people. Everywhere I go, he's promising people money, he's distancing himself from his record on social issues. It makes people suspicious.

• He's said publicly he hopes the U.S. Supreme Court will return abortion regulation to the states. He'd like the state to be able to regulate it so as governor of Oregon, he can make abortion illegal.

• He didn't answer the question. Enforcing laws that protect clean air and clean water will be a high priority. If lawbreakers go unpunished, they might gain a competitive advantage over honest businesses that made the investments necessary to comply with the law.

• The federal government should provide a reliable timber supply in a manner consistent with environmental values. But it should not use the recent fires as an excuse to dismantle environmental protections.

• He is apparently unaware of the governor's program encouraging private sector insurance, subsidizing employer-provided health coverage by paying part of the employee share of the cost of insurance. He does not offer any details on how his financial incentives would work or on how the state could afford it.

• He signed a pledge. That's nice. Schools are already the biggest item in the state budget; the question is whether they have enough resources to meet the goals we've set.

• Any plan to 're-empower' local voters should be part of a plan to ensure that schools get the resources they need to meet our performance goals.

• The biggest difference between us is that I avoid making promises that I know I can't keep, and he makes a habit of promising everybody anything, no matter how unrealistic.

• I agree with that. We're both pretty cheerful guys. And we're both Catholics.

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