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Measure 27 would

inform consumers

It is absurd to think that at least 60 percent of the food we purchase in supermarkets around this country contains genetically engineered ingredients É and we don't know about it.

That is just what Measure 27 is trying to combat. By voting yes, it will force all food companies that use genetically engineered ingredients in their foods to label them as such. I feel as an American citizen I have the right to choose what I am going to purchase and whether I want these genetically engineered ingredients in my food.

The big biotech companies that grow these genetically engineered foods are going to spend millions of dollars to convince you that our food prices will go up if Measure 27 is passed. The fact is, 35 other countries around the world already require labeling of this kind, and the food prices in these countries did not rise as a result of the labeling demand.

Why wouldn't a company be proud of its products? Why wouldn't a company want its ingredients labeled?

The Food and Drug Administration has not done sufficient testing to determine if these genetically engineered foods have any harmful effects on humans. Therefore, they should not be used without acknowledging their presence in the products they are used in.

This sounds like an American right to me. What do you think?

Gaye Chapman

Southwest Portland

Would Smith, Mannix

follow voters' lead?

At the risk of sounding like a one-issue voter, I approach the upcoming election with major misgivings about two candidates' voting records on abortion rights.

It is disturbing that Gordon Smith and Kevin Mannix, both longtime political figures, continue to be so out of touch with their constituents' views. How could we trust these men with other important social issues when they form decisions about a woman's right to choose abortion based upon their own emotional and personal religious beliefs?

Terry Daley

Northeast Portland

Story on Jungle Jamey evoked fond memories

Your article on my father's lifetime friend was wonderful (The life and times of the ultimate sports junkie, Oct. 18). My father, Dennis O'Connor, now deceased, went to Holy Cross school and grew up with Jamey.

My father's friend was a wonderful light in our childhood. Showing up out of nowhere with his cars autographed from front to rear Ñ inside and out, by everyone he met and picked up on the road. I remember the day the goat hopped out of the car. A goat in our front yard? This guy was always amazing! This wonderful soul always had a smile on his face, always a kind encouraging thing to say.

When my children were growing up, he would stop at Mom's and Dad's on Christmas Eve, 'cause he knew we would all be there. Candy for the kids Ñ and the little ones would stand in awe of this smiling Santa Claus who came in and sat down for a minute. He had to go quickly, though, because he had lots of other friends' houses to go light up. Nursing homes received visits from this gentle Santa on Christmas Eve, too.

I don't think such a man could ever have lived a 'normal life.' It would have bored him to insanity. Some people may have thought he was crazy, but he was just Jamey. The world will miss him.

Peggy O'Connor-Adams

Camas, Wash.

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