Yes, political jokes can get a bit malicious at times. On the other hand, if you've got any good ones, better tell them now because the election's almost over. É 'Want to know how tight the governor's race is?' says the K-Man, leaning across the bar at Wimpy's. OK, Kevin, I bite. É 'It's so tight that Mannix is getting worried that he actually might win one.' É Ouch. É And then there's Art Krug, who, like a lot of us, is just sick and tired of all the mudslinging. 'If I hear one more negative political ad,' he says, 'I swear, I'm gonna get out there and vote.' É That's telling 'em, Art.

• • •

Gallery hoppers take note: The aforementioned K-Man will be working an extra shift at Wimpy's this First Thursday so that the regular bartender, Megan Ora Esvelt, can attend a showing of her own paintings at the Joseph Kucinski Studio, 2109 N.W. Irving St. É 'Vast, moody landscapes,' says Kevin, who, as it turns out, is also a connoisseur of the arts. 'Just the ticket.' É Also this Thursday, don't forget to stop by Bridgetown Printing Co. at Northwest 14th and Glisan, where Bud Clark will be signing a 25th anniversary edition of his famous Expose Yourself to Art poster. All proceeds go to Transition Projects, an agency that looks out for homeless youth.

• • •

Now that the election is over (or was that only Halloween?), it's Courtney-watch time at Ray's Ragtime, the retro clothing store on Southwest Morrison. É Courtney Love always stops by around Thanksgiving on her way from Los Angeles to Aberdeen, Wash., for a family visit with her former in-laws, Kurt Cobain's family. É 'But I never know when, because of course she doesn't call ahead,' says owner Ray Tillotson, who's known Courtney since the early '80s, when she was a street kid in P-town. É 'I won't say that justice is blind,' says one assistant U.S. attorney. 'But pretty soon, it won't be able to see out the windows.' É Meaning, of course, the windows outside the deposition room on the fifth floor of the new U.S. Courthouse on Southwest Third Ñ which, the attorney reports, are fairly encrusted with pigeon excrement, to use the legal term of art. É Plus, there's a dead pigeon that's been out there on the ledge for at least two months.

• • •

Our Woman About Town, Maggi White, who's been all over the Boomer story since the beginning, reports that the Australian sheepdog that emerged from total obscurity to become an extra in Gus Van Sant's latest epic, has been given a raise of $100 a day, bringing his daily pay to $250. Maggi also reports that a Hollywood agent would like to talk to Boomer, or at least his owner, Sean Caspell, about future projects. I told you this was going to be big.

And finally, be advised: A vigilant reader e-mails that he was channel surfing last Tuesday night when he came across what he considered a pretty racy show on Channel 11 Ñ full frontal nudity and the whole bit. É 'Tell me,' he says, 'what is allowed on cable access these days anyway?' É Good question. Personally, I don't think I'd be able to stay up that late myself, but I'll pass along his warning to any unsuspecting viewers who might be channel surfing tonight around 11:30. É Well, someone besides Margie Boule has got to be looking out for your best interests, don't you think?

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