Random, and sometimes irreverent, notes from a sports weekend:

nÊBLAZERS: What does it say about a team's future when the two barometers of this group's success are the play of 68-year-old Arvydas Sabonis and 59-year-old Scottie Pippen? Portland seriously needs Pippen's defensive leadership and Sabonis' offensive unselfishness.

Another thing to watch is the style of play of the opponent. You didn't see San Antonio have a lot of success against the Blazers because the Spurs don't run much. That's a very big help to Portland. The high-energy Ñ and, yes, younger Ñ teams that get up and down the court are going to be a much bigger problem for the Blazers.

Oh, by the way, you have to give Trail Blazer TV analyst Steve Jones some credit for reporting the news, no matter how distasteful, during the waning moments of the game Saturday against the Spurs. While Bonzi Wells was later denying that he spat in the direction of San Antonio's Danny Ferry, it didn't carry a lot of weight because Jones actually reported the incident, right after it happened, on the broadcast. Sorry, Bonzi Ñ there apparently was at least one witness to your very disgusting deed.

And here's another 'by the way' Ñ can you believe that the Blazers' overhyped series of please-like-us commercials features a spot with Ruben Patterson removing his pants right there on someone's front porch?

nÊDUCKS: Interesting turnabout Ñ Oregon loses a game, not because of its defense but because of its offense and special teams. All season, I've thought the Ducks have not had the diversity in their offense that they've featured in the past. They haven't run a decent screen pass all year, and that used to be their bread and butter.

nÊBEAVERS: I hate when a college football player publicly is made a scapegoat for a team's loss Ñ be it by fans, teammates or coaches. That's what seems to be happening with Oregon State quarterback Derek Anderson this week. I know that he threw five interceptions. But I think I saw Joey Harrington do something like that in a Civil War game once.

nÊTHE PREPS: Just in case you missed this one, Hood River Valley beat Lakeridge 84-50 in the first round of the Class 4A playoffs last week. Yes, that's football, not basketball.

And HRV's incredible senior running back, Jacobe Krizman, rushed for 338 yards on 28 carries, with five touchdowns. I've been around a long time, and I can't remember numbers like that. Krizman is 296 yards away from rushing for 3,000 yards, and he's played just 10 games!

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