Man wishes for wood

A Portland man whose 8-year-old daughter was killed last year by her half-brother has a simple wish: a supply of wood to keep his home warm this winter.

In April, Van Neubarth lost his daughter, Vanessa, when the girl tried to break up a fight between him and her 33-year-old half-brother, Aaron. Police said that when Vanessa stepped between the two, Aaron Neubarth redirected his anger toward her, stabbing her several times with a knife in the kitchen and dining room areas of their home on Southeast Lydia Court.

Aaron Neubarth is in jail and pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated murder, attempted murder and first-degree assault.

Van Neubarth, 55, recovered from stab wounds and has since been trying to raise his other three children, ages 6, 11 and 12, on Social Security checks as he undergoes chemotherapy for colon cancer.

He's also been trying to cope with the insufficient insulation in the house he moved into after the killing, said his sister, Raevon Day, of Milwaukie.

Day said they've been trying to heat the home on Southeast 130th Avenue and Powell Boulevard with a wood stove, but the wood is expensive and his health condition prevents him from being able to go out and cut it.

So she's appealing to the public to donate small pieces of firewood.

'There could be three to four months of cruel weather,' she said. 'I just want them to be warm. I've been in there when they don't have the stove going, and it's very, very cold in there. Like an icebox.'

Call Neubarth at 503-762-9644 to make a donation.

For other giving opportunities, see the HelpingHands column on Page A7.


New charges surface

Tyler Wagner, the 19-year-old boyfriend who allegedly helped Sarah Roberts stage her own abduction from Tryon Creek State Park in July, is now being accused of sexually abusing her.

Kathie Steele, Wagner's court-appointed attorney, said Wagner was charged with third-degree sex abuse, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor and sexual misconduct. All are misdemeanor charges.

The charges stem from incidents that allegedly occurred between July 4 and July 23 this year. The victim was Roberts, 16, of Lake Oswego, Steele said.

Roberts faces juvenile charges stemming from the staged abduction, including initiating a false police report, disorderly conduct, identity theft and second-degree theft.

Wagner, who now lives in Idaho, was originally charged with various theft and weapons charges related to the incident. Wagner did not show up for a court appearance Thursday to reschedule his trial on those charges, Steele said.

Ñ Tribune staff

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