'They said the right words. They struck the right tone. Now, Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Oregon House Speaker Karen Minnis, R-Wood Village, must allow their conciliatory spirit to guide them through what promises to be the toughest legislative session in 20 years.

' É Judging by the comments coming from both parties, the relationship of the legislative and executive branches already has taken a leap forward.

'In the past eight years, a Democratic governor and Republican-controlled Legislature often schemed to set each other up for political falls, instead of making sincere efforts to solve perennial problems. É Kulongoski and Minnis were overt in their rejection of continued, blatant partisanship. É

'Oregonians fear that their state is slipping beyond recovery and that its potential will be stunted forever. Our new governor is capable of placing an alternate vision before us. If he seeks partnership, instead of partisanship, he will find that the coming session Ñ despite its difficulties Ñ could be his most rewarding.'

Ñ From an editorial published Jan. 15 in The Gresham Outlook

'There is little comfort to find in the news over the past few weeks that two Washington County educators have been accused of sexual abuse of minors. É

'How the school districts communicated with parents and students did not alter the allegations against once-trusted educators. But communicating promptly, completely and personally about allegations É is something parents and students deserve and a community should demand. É

'We are confident that the Beaverton and Sherwood districts and the state's Teacher Standards and Practices Commission work hard to protect students from negligence or any inappropriate or criminal behavior by any educator.

'That said, we also believe that our schools have a responsibility and requirement not only to provide such protections and procedures but also to explain them Ñ personally and quickly.'

Ñ From an editorial published Jan. 16 in The Tigard Times, commenting on the 17-day delay between the announcement that Beaverton police were seeking a middle school teacher and a meeting held for parents of his students by the school district and police

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