'Cat Boarding,' says the sign on a business establishment at the corner of Southeast 13th and Bidwell. What's this? A new sport for young hellions bent on the destruction of civilization as we know it? É The sign on the other side of the building reads: 'Jari's Dog Boutique.' Oh, now I get it. É How much heat is Jim Francesconi getting for his 'no' vote on the City Council's antiwar resolution? 'I may need to get a new church,' the commissioner remarked at a Southeast neighborhood meeting last week. É If you're the type who likes to hang out in places frequented by rock stars Ñ and mind you, I'm not saying you are Ñ you might want to check out Eugenios, a coffee and specialty foods shop at 3588 S.E. Division. It just happens to be in the same building as the recording studio Kung Fu Bakery, where Everclear and Pink Martini are just finishing up new albums.

• • •

Someone needs to tell Jon Kvistad, the local General Services Administration honcho who's leading the charge to turn the historic Pioneer Post Office into a private parking garage for judges, that he may have Ñ how shall we say it? Ñ job security issues he's not sufficiently aware of. É The guy who arranged for his cushy job in the first place, Sen. Gordon Smith, also happens to be one of those most opposed to the drastic remodeling plan. É And what Smith has given, insiders say, he can just as easily take away.

• • •

Friends of Big O diva Margie BoulŽ say she's anything but pleased with the way the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has twisted its new rule barring teenage strippers Ñ known colloquially as the Margie BoulŽ Rule Ñ to keep young musicians from performing as well. É What's next? Busboys and waitresses who haven't turned 21? É Ken Tate, proprietor of Classic Cuts, a barbershop out in Tigard, says he's been polling customers on whether they think Portland can support a major league baseball team. So far it's 33-3 against. É C'mon, guys, where's your team spirit? É Organizers are already accepting entries for the Shamrock Run, a benefit for the Doernbecher Children's Hospital next month: Come in in first place, and win your weight in beer. É Maybe this will help: A pint weighs 16 ounces.

• • •

It'll be hippie heaven at the Bitter End on West Burnside this Friday when the old Fly by Nite Jass Band, which used to perform at the White Eagle back when, takes the stage for a musical reunion. É All the original musicians are expected to be on hand except John, the bassist, last seen 'somewhere' on the streets of San Francisco. É Ah, those were the days. É Kelly's Olympian, the venerable 101-year-old workingman's bar on Southwest Washington, has changed hands again. É The previous proprietor, who bought it two years ago, tried to pretty it up. That didn't work. É Rumor is, the new owners want to change the name. Say it isn't so. É Why wait until Valentine's Day? At the Sapphire Hotel, the popular wine bar on Hawthorne, they have something called 'Meet Your Match' every Wednesday night at 8. Matchmaker-in-chief Sheila Baraga says she usually lets the women choose. É 'Guys would all choose the same woman if you let them do it,' she says. And you know, she's probably right.

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