Ruminations on a sports weekend:

nÊWill he go or not? Everyone is wondering whether Oregon guard Luke Ridnour will turn pro, but there doesn't seem to be any doubt. He's not going to enhance his draft position by sticking around for another season. And he's not going to risk an injury that could cost him a lot of money. I'd say he's gone, but Luke Jackson will stay. At least if he is gone, we won't have to listen to Jerry Allen calling him 'Rid' on the radio every game. I mean, use a nickname once in a while but not all the time. Besides, 'Rid' sounds like a brand name for a bug repellent or a roach killer.

nÊWill the Ducks go or not? To the NCAA Tournament, I mean. Well, I'm predicting right now that if they lose to Arizona State in the Pac-10 tourney, you're going to see them in the Final Four É of the NIT.

nÊOregon City wins the 4A girls tournament again. Yeah, there's some news. As far as other coaches around the state are concerned, either go ahead and prove that they're illegally recruiting or quit whispering about it. And quit whining, too.

nÊIt's the last stand for the 4A boys tourney as we know it. It's too bad they didn't market it a little better Ñ I think it could have survived. And I think I would have moved it to Eugene as a 16-team event before I junked the format entirely.

nÊBeavers-Padres play an exhibition game in Portland on March 28. What's the big deal about two minor-league teams playing in PGE Park? Without Phil Nevin and Trevor Hoffman, San Diego is going to have a long, long season.

nÊLarry Brown on one bench, Maurice Cheeks on the other. That's like Lennox Lewis vs. Tonya Harding. Try to convince me that the Philadelphia 76ers have a better roster than the Trail Blazers. Of course they don't. So how did the Sixers come into the Rose Garden last week and thump Portland by 28 points? Go back to the first sentence of this paragraph.

nÊRon Artest sweeps through Portland with Indiana, offering a firsthand look at one of the most bewildering, and scary, players in basketball. The guy is a talent at both ends of the floor, but I think he has some serious problems. No, it's not just all of the flagrant fouls and off-court temper tantrums. This is a guy who has such a short fuse that after he missed a shot, he was so frustrated he immediately committed an intentional foul. It was inexplicable. The guy is in need of professional help. Not that he's the only one in the NBA in that category.

nÊThe Lakers are coming hard down the stretch. And if you're the Blazers, you do not like what you see in your rearview mirror. That first-round playoff matchup is beginning to look very familiar.

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