by: vern uyetake

School bells signaled the start of the 2011-2012 school year on Tuesday for high school freshmen, seventh-graders and elementary students. High school upperclassmen and eighth-graders reported on Wednesday. 'Elementary school is very much under way,' said Lake Oswego School District Superintendent Bill Korach Tuesday afternoon after he visited all the elementary schools on the first day. 'It's great to see the kids back. It's great to see the kids engaged. Class sizes are good and that's helpful.' One big change this year is the closure of Palisades Elementary School. Most of the students from that school are now attending Hallinan or Westridge. Pictured are Hallinan student Keve Varga, right, organizing his school materials, and Hallinan 1-2 teacher Jen Graver, below, who moved over from Palisades, starting the day with the song 'Make New Friends' in her new class.

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