On Sunday, the Tribune visited various neighborhoods in Portland, asking residents and visitors to share their views on the war in Iraq.

'I have mixed views on it. I live in Hawthorne, and I work with all Republicans. I feel we shouldn't push our views on others. But it's also important that we stop the killing of innocent people. I think we should overthrow the (Iraqi) government, but it should be done as peacefully as possible. I don't think we need to Americanize their culture.'

Ñ Sarah Anderson

Southeast Portland

'I think we should go over and blow (Saddam) up. He's the next Hitler. We need to take him out.'

Ñ Crystal Varnes

Southeast Portland

'It has to be done. We've tried the U.N. tactic. We've tried negotiation. In the Gulf War, we negotiated a settlement, a piece of paper apparently used in the restrooms of Iraq.'

Ñ Larry Reece


'I'm pretty horrified about it. We're probably killing a lot of innocent people, and it was not justified to begin with. It's up to the Iraqi people to decide who they want in power and use their own resources. We shouldn't strengthen one side or the other.'

Ñ Arlette Slachmuylder

Southeast Portland

'I wasn't real happy about it at first, but (Saddam) had time to comply. We tried economic sanctions, and then we gave him time. We gave him 48 hours, and he didn't want to take it. Then we gave him 24 hours, and he didn't want to take it.'

Ñ Rick Martinez

Northwest Portland

'I wonder where throwing our weight around will get us. We've destroyed the hard work there was in building NATO. I think we were doing a good bit of containment; I didn't see imminent danger. There were many other reasons we went into the Middle East, but imminent danger was not one of them.'

Ñ Clifford Barnett

Palo Alto, Calif.

'We are not in a war. We gave a war to Iraq, but we are not in a war. We are drinking coffee lattes at Starbucks and discussing the war in our SUVs on our cell phones. In Iraq, people are running for bunkers. But this is not a war for us, it's a mediafest.'

Ñ Jamie Tan

Southeast Portland

'Where were all our questions and concerns back in November? Now we're asking them, all after the fact. Now the media's asking the big questions about how we're going to justify collateral damage, how we're going to pay for all this.'

Ñ Jim Hatfield

Clark County, Wash.

'This is completely awful. I've lived in Europe Ñ in Germany. And Europe is becoming more anti-American. When we're not setting the right example for the rest of the world, people realize something's not right. I think this is the one war that will put America in a glass house.'

ÑGenoa Savage

Northeast Portland

'I'm a Christian, and so I'm praying for the president and I'm praying for Americans and I'm praying for the people in Iraq. I don't know if he's right or wrong, but I stand behind the president; I stand behind America.'

Ñ Hazel Blanton

Northeast Portland

'I'm still not in support of the war. I keep hearing George Bush talk about war crimes and holding them accountable. Who's going to hold him accountable?'

Ñ Matt McCalmont

Northeast Portland

'If you would have let it play out, who knows? Saddam may have had a heart attack and died. But I think it's a mistake anytime one person gets killed, like little children, families and people who get in the way.'

Ñ Steve Entwisle

Northeast Portland

'I hope a month from now, a year from now, it turns out to be useful to the world, that the reasons (for war) turn out to be sustainable.'

Ñ Alexander Bram

Northeast Portland

'I think that we probably shouldn't have gone to war. Over the years, it hasn't helped anything. I hope and pray that more of our troops come home alive than dead.'

Ñ Doris Dines

Northeast Portland

'I think we should be there because you can't get Saddam any other way. He's as bad as Hitler, and even though no one likes it, there's no other way to free this country. A lot of Iraqis are happy that Americans are coming in.'

Ñ Clint Simkins

Boise, Idaho

'I hate to see it. You hate to see any war after Vietnam. There are too many things that money could go for Ñ for people who don't have jobs, for people who don't have homes. This is heartbreaking.'

Ñ Debbie Elliott


'I support the troops but wonder: Do we have the right to tell people what to do? But then, you can't stand for tyranny, either.'

Ñ Corissa Jensen


'I support President Bush. He knows more about the situation than I do. It's sad to have to do this. But having visited Dachau and Israel, I have seen what happens to oppressed people. I realize the Iraqis are experiencing the same things, and that is the basis of my support.'

Ñ Diane Myklegard

Boise, Idaho

'I support the war. What the troops are doing now is not all that different from what we did 200 years ago. It's why we have the freedom to walk around.'

Ñ Kenneth Madison

Birmingham, Ala.

'War is inevitable. I'm thankful to be an American, good, bad or ugly. We have a responsibility, because we have power. Because we are at war, the best thing is to pray and support our leaders. We should follow (military action) with humanitarian aid.'

Ñ Angela Riley

Southeast Portland

'I support our troops 100 percent. I agree with being there now. It was going to happen sooner or later. If later, it would be worse because (Iraq) would have more weapons of mass destruction.'

Ñ Gener Miranda-Umali

Southwest Portland

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