Concerned Portlanders respond to the question: 'How well have Portland police responded to peace protests?'

Arlene Kimura, a neighborhood activist, of east Portland: 'Portland police have done very well in responding to, without suppressing, the peace protests. However, as a city, our resources are limited and I hope no other crises arise in the near future.'

Chuck Jones, a financial planner, of Southwest Portland: 'Protesters should not be able to inconvenience others by closing bridges and highways. Our police should be instructed to not let it happen. We need a commissioner of police who is not an activist sympathizer.'

Leah Lively, a lawyer, of Southeast Portland: 'The Portland police acted with professionalism and cautious restraint to ensure that a difficult situation was not exacerbated. Too bad the protesters did not exercise the same good judgment.'

Erin Jones, a Lincoln High School senior, of Northwest Portland: 'The police's response to protesters is inhumane. The overuse of pepper spray and brutality is unacceptable. We chant 'This is what a police state looks like' when there are 600 protesters and 300 police for a reason.'

Suzi Helmlinger, a business owner, of Southeast Portland: 'I think the police are doing the best job they can given the restraints put on them by Mayor Katz and other city officials. People who follow the laws by requesting a permit to assemble are not the ones we see publicized. É If you really care about peace, do something positive to help another human. Actions of peace speak louder than words.'

Misti Wittenberg, a retirement community executive, of Northwest Portland: 'Police have been too accommodating and patient. Protesters who don't obtain a permit and loiter in the streets should be dispersed immediately or arrested. Protesters jeopardize safety and waste vital resources.'

Elizabeth Tucker, a graphic designer, of Northeast Portland: 'So far they seem to have responded with restraint and patience. Vandalism and playing in traffic cross the line, no matter the cause.'

Jill Eiland, a government relations executive, of Northwest Portland: 'Police have responded well and have demonstrated considerable restraint. Note to protesters: If it's about peace, then smashing buildings and prohibiting people from getting to work, into businesses or to their families at home should be prohibited.'

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