Nothing puts a hippety-hop in the step like delicious Easter candy. While average grocery store fare is grand (especially speckled malted-milk-ball eggs, Cadbury chocolate eggs, Hershey's chocolate candy-coated eggs, Hershey's marshmallow eggs, Almond Joy eggs and Reese's peanut butter eggs, for a start), here are a few other places to forage for Easter candy.

Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Everything from grab-and-go baskets to Beatrix Potter-like plates with whimsical eggs are peppered around this tiny chocolate bar-cafe. Vintage-inspired egg cups hold one chocolate egg ($4.95). Most fetching of all is a chocolate basket with three ivory and milk chocolate eggs tucked inside ($19.95). The staff's favorite filling for its seasonal chocolate eggs is, hands down, 'peanut butter krispie.' Moonstruck also sells a mottled, floppy-eared chocolate rabbit for $5.95.

608 S.W. Alder St.


This deliciously charming Swiss chocolate shop is, how do you say, hard on zee wallet: One small, doe-eyed black rabbit with yellow bow is $4.50. But the artistically packaged delights and colorful ribbons are wonderfully disarming and so Euro-crafty. Flat white and brown chocolate rabbits cavort in the case, and there are many other assorted rabbits and foil-covered chocolates to be found at this Swissiest of chocolate shops.

531 S.W. Broadway

See's Famous Old Time Candies

See's claims it sells the freshest jelly beans in town, and founder Mary See surely wouldn't have it any other way. The beans are made just once a season.

Staff picks include the Hollow Eggs With Novelty, a half-dozen chocolate eggs with a white duckling inside each ($4.80), and the spooky albino bunny, made of white chocolate ($4). The biggest rabbit is a standing-up sort wrapped in foil and sporting a backpack ($7).

The California-based company uses fresh butter, cream and no preservatives.

719 S.W. Morrison St., Lloyd Center

Rite Aid

Rite Aid scores a drugstore coup de gr‰ce with Cadbury's white plush bunny ($4.99). Squeeze his front paw, and the fuzzy bunny starts clucking up a storm. It comes with three chocolate Cadbury eggs: creme, caramel and chocolate creme. An outstanding supply of plastic Easter grass (59 cents) and plastic-hinged eggs for stashing jelly beans (77 cents) also are on sale here.

Various locations

Zupan's Market

For a grocery store that sells corn-fed beef and organic flowers, Zupan's has a fine selection of straight-up Easter classics. What might the wine steward recommend to go with chocolate bunnies or Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs? The speckled pink, blue and white eggs can double as lipstick when wet. The fine selection of hollow chocolate rabbits here includes the very silly Hunny Bunch and the cunning Mr. Busy Bigby (both $1.49).

Various locations

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