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In the past year, I've read about at least a half-dozen groups of politicians and affluent businesspeople working on bringing major league baseball to Portland and of at least three organizations that have been put together to help make it happen.

I'm concerned that Mayor Katz will do another closed-door deal like she did with PGE Park, a deal that in large part has to be written off as a loss.

Are there any groups out there opposing this ridiculous idea and the absolute waste of money it will be, especially when that money could be used to build up local businesses and jobs and help our floundering economy? Baseball will come if there's a market demand, and not until. And if unemployment remains high, who will be able to afford the tickets anyway, aside from these same politicians and well-off businesspeople?

Sadly, it seems obvious to me that Mayor Katz is more interested in promoting her own pet projects and is desperately seeking to do something that will leave a legacy project that someone can later tack her name on. What she doesn't seem to realize is that she has to do something worthwhile that actually addresses current issues and solves problems.

Rob Vaughn

Northeast Portland

Portland should join

the big leagues

Baseball is America's pastime. I am only in my mid-20s, but I look forward to spending future summers at baseball games with my children. Nothing sparked my enthusiasm as a youngster more than a pennant race involving my favorite team.

A stadium would bring much-needed funds to the Portland area. Not only would construction provide an estimated 1,500 full-time construction jobs, but it would also give roughly 2,000 permanent jobs to citizens in our great community. It would provide local businesses with increased revenue, and the tourism industry would feel a substantial boom. It is also important to point out that the stadium bid would not divert any funds from the state's general fund. Instead it would provide new money to schools and other social services.

This is our chance as a city to put ourselves on the map in a major way! Bringing major league baseball to Portland will help our city thrive for 10, 20 or even 100 years. Please support House Bill 3606, and bring joy to millions of Oregonians for generations to come.

A.J. Minehart

Southeast Portland

Pro-Bush side should

respect other opinions

To all those who believe the weekly Friday afternoon war Ñ and Bush Ñ protesters in downtown Portland are un-American, I ask you to reread the First Amendment of our Constitution.

Dissent has always been a welcome form of expression in this country. If it weren't, all our currency and coinage would have Queen Elizabeth's portrait on it today. If you don't like the thought of everybody being able to express their views about this country's policy and the people who create it, please move to Iraq. I think you'll find the lack of freedom to express yourself as you see fit to be a refreshing change from the American liberties you claim to hold so dear.

Paul Johnson


Other reasons for slow

business need mention

The Portland Business Alliance may choose to blame the war protesters for the downturn in retail business, but business was bad before the protests started (Ongoing rallies frustrate retailers, March 25). The economy has been in a slump for quite some time now.

As for the current situation, I suspect that a lot of folks are at home glued to the war coverage on television. It is also possible that in the face of news about death and violence and uncertainty over the future, people don't feel inspired to go out and buy consumer goods and fancy restaurant meals.

Carole Barkley

Northwest Portland

Assumption by city

leader reveals a lot

Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard says he voted against the antiwar resolution out of sympathy for New York police and fire personnel (Ongoing rallies frustrate retailers, March 25). Perhaps Leonard would like to inform us how the two are connected. There is no evidence linking Iraq with the events of Sept. 11, 2001. In the absence of such evidence, Leonard's statement is blatantly ignorant racism.

Violent actions by one group of Middle Eastern Muslims do not justify an attack against another group of Middle Eastern Muslims. Leonard should inform himself of such things before opening his mouth and embarrassing the city of Portland.

Aaron Highfill

Southwest Portland

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