Whoever's passing out those yellow 'I'm Allergic to Katz' bumper stickers seems to have set off at least a mild sneezing fit in P-town. But Vera, she's cool. É 'In this business,' she ripostes, 'you're dandered if you do, dandered if you don't' dander, in case you were wondering, being the tiny particles from hair or skin that (mayor may not) set off allergies. É Score one for the mayor. É Rest in peace, Bruiser Brian Cox, who at 6 feet and some 320 pounds of solid muscle, was eight-time Pacific Northwest heavyweight pro wrestling champion. When the area's top 'baby face' trade lingo for 'good guy' wrestler died last month of a heart attack at the tender age of 33, everybody said it was all the steroids that dunnit. É 'I don't know about that,' says wrestling promoter Ivan Kafoury. 'But he definitely wasn't a health food addict.'

• • •

Hot topic of discussion on the Portland Business Alliance's trip to Washington, D.C., last week: who to support in the upcoming mayor's race? To recycle a phrase, they're allergic to Katz and Sten, and not exactly wild about 'Mr. Compromise,' Jim Francesconi. É So how about Ron Saxton, the Republican business lawyer who ran for governor last time out? É Only problem is, Saxton who actually went along on the trip isn't interested because he's got bigger fish to fry. É OK, how about this: Saxton runs for mayor, then resigns after a year and a half to run for governor again. É Great idea, guys! But what if the voters find out first?

• • •

More Katz, er, cats: There's $1,000 in it if you find John and Stacy Erzen's cat Sato. Sato, described as a large tabby cat with a white underside, wandered off two months ago when the couple moved from Alameda to the Dunthorpe area. É Since then, John's been putting up those big pink posters with Sato's picture all over town. Sato may be just an ordinary house cat. But to Stacy Erzen, who picked him up as a stray five years ago in Japan, where she'd stopped over as a flight attendant, he's obviously a whole lot more. É Call 503-516-2850 to claim your reward.

Advertising whiz Greg Tozian reports that Borders Books on Southwest Third has a little locked glass case behind the counter where they keep all books by that poet of dissolution, William S. Burroughs. É Apparently, the street kids like his books so much they'll steal any left out on the shelves.

• • •

Prediction: When Chuck Palahniuk's offbeat Portland guidebook is finally released this summer, it'll sell a million copies in P-town alone. Well, maybe not quite that many but it's sure to be a big local hit. É He's even got Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Museum. 'Kill a rainy afternoon here at 107 N.E. Grand Avenue, but don't forget to wipe your damn feet.' É Expect more purloined items from 'Fugitives and Refugees' as the great day approaches. É Be sure to ask for the Harry Merlo seat next time you're at Springwater Grill, Glenn Fischbuch's excellent restaurant out on Southeast Milwaukie. It's in the rear, with a commanding view of the entire room. É Merlo, the former head of Louisiana-Pacific, used to request it when he went to the grill's predecessor, Fiddlehead, because 'no one's going to sneak up and shoot me.' É Must work. They haven't got him yet, have they?

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