'California Gold'

Calla lily (Zantedeschia)

Why I love this flower:

• It returns year after year and multiplies.

• Bright pink, yellow, white, orange, red or maroon-black bracts (flowers) are real eye-catchers.

• It's an excellent plant for gardens with wet soil.

• The shape of the flower is intriguing, like a flower funnel.

• It has lovely pointed, heart-shaped or arrow-shaped leaves.

• The leaves have silvery-gray spots and look nice even without flowers.

• Leaves are glossy, as if waxed.


Cultivating callas:

• It grows best in cool but bright conditions.

• Give it sun, but it will tolerate a little shade.

• It thrives on heavy watering.

• Plant 2 to 4 inches deep, 12 inches apart.

• Fertilize weekly.

• Slowly stop watering after bloom.

• Don't water again until new growth begins next year.

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