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Gambling debate

needs to go deeper

The two views on gambling (Is casino gaming an economic necessity or a trap door for addicts?, Insight, April 4) were examples of parallel monologues that did not engage each other's positions.

The opponents of gambling expressed most of their concerns about 'gambling in the neighborhoods' Ñ the prevalence of machine gambling in taverns Ñ and state-run games and lotteries. The defenders of gambling pointed to the significant financial contributions by tribal casinos to the state and communities.

Both arguments have merit. Oregon needs to wean itself from its heavy reliance on machines and big-money games while accepting the tribes' right to own casinos on their reservations. The notion of a casino in downtown Portland would blur the distinction and should not be pursued.

Don Lief

Southeast Portland

Protesters deserve

respect, not contempt

PSU history professor David Horowitz assesses the antiwar movement, calling it a pathetic cult because it didn't stop the war (PDX Update, April 11).

The fact that hundreds of thousands of people across this country could not stop this war is not a failure of the antiwar movement.

It is a failure of democracy and the responsiveness of our government to the will of the people. If the protesters had succeeded at stopping the war, Horowitz probably wouldn't have been calling them pathetic, so it seems ridiculous that they are faulted for trying.

The growing intolerance of any critical analysis of U.S. actions in Iraq is quite frightening.

The protesters should be commended for their persistence in upholding the principles of internationalism.

David Naimon

Southeast Portland

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