Solomon's seal

Polygonatum biflorum

Why I love this plant:

• Bell-shaped blossoms dangle from gracefully arching stems.

• It flowers from May to June.

• It requires very little maintenance.

• It comes back year after year.

• This plant looks great until frost, then disappears until spring.

• It grows to about 3 feet tall, standing out among hosta and other woodsy plants.

• Its bright green, 4-inch-long spring leaves alternate with its flowers.

• It is excellent for shade gardens.


Planting Solomon's seal:

• This plant spreads slowly along underground rhizomes (roots), so it's easy to plant.

• Find a shady spot that mimics a woodsy setting.

• Add lots of compost and rich, moisture-retentive soil to planting hole.

• Plant the roots at the same soil depth as a potted plant.

• Water well and often; it likes moist soil.


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