Candidate: John Sweeney

Age: 63

Neighborhood: Sunnyside

Occupation: Land management consultant, freelance writer

Kids in PPS? Three grown children, all graduates of Portland schools

Question 1

Sell the Blanchard building and move administration to Washington High School. Meet with all the principals to get a budget of their expenditures. Decentralize all the schools, and let the principals run their schools.

Question 2

We would not cut anything until we saw a line-item budget for each school. Use the $25 million in proceeds from the Blanchard building as well as other cuts until the 9-10-11 plan is implemented.

Question 3

Decentralization: Let the money flow directly to the schools. Let the principals and teachers make decisions that are fit for their school and the community in which their school resides.

Question 4

Mrs. Collins, seventh-grade teacher at Kellogg, because she made school fun.


Candidate: Rion Lyle

Age: 20

Neighborhood: Buckman

Occupation: Yoga teacher

Kids in PPS? No children

Question 1

The first change I will push for is to ensure highly effective site councils in every school. Currently, many site councils are ineffective and even illegal. This will help the strategic plan come to life, increasing student achievement.

Question 2

I will continue work to tone down administration (for instance, evaluating the necessity of directors of student achievement). Look into leasing out BESC building (a good site for a baseball stadium).

Question 3

If the state government is honestly unable to allocate funds to suit the needs of schools, then we should look to local support. I say 'support' because it doesn't have to be monetary, we can create business and community alliances to provide direct assistance for specific needs.

Question 4

My third-grade teacher, Ms. Vazquez, was always caring and supportive. She could always cheer me up and get me excited about learning.


Candidate: David Wynde

Age: 47

Address/Neighborhood: Irvington

Occupation: Banker

Kids in PPS? Two daughters: kindergartner and second-grader at Buckman Elementary

Question 1

Development and implementation of well-defined plans focused on improving student achievement for all children. These plans must include clear action items, timelines, measurable outcomes, and identifying managers to lead each phase of the process.

Question 2

I support Measure 26-48. It's critical for schools, human services and public safety in Multnomah County. If it does not pass, we have no choice but to cut teachers to find $50 million.

Question 3

This is a statewide problem. Citizens across the state have to demand action from our Legislature. We need stable and adequate funding for all districts. In Portland, we need to demonstrate fiscal and academic accountability.

Question 4

Harry Mees, ninth- through 12th-grade history. He taught us to think critically, develop an argument and cultivate values. I learned that we see the world standing on the shoulders of those who've gone before us.


Candidate: Martin Gonzalez

Age: 46

Neighborhood: Humboldt

Occupation: Director, Community Economic Development and Peace Organizer, American Friends Service Committee; owner, La Bella Nonna Restaurant

Kids in PPS? Three sons: one at Environmental Middle, another a graduate of Jefferson High; the third attended Lincoln High and PCC's College Bound Program.

Question 1

Make sure that the budget is aligned to the district's goals. Funds allocated must implement plans that will impact student learning and close the achievement gap.Ê Establish monitoring and accountability systems for both.

Question 2

Yes. The future without this measure makes room for greater inequalities in the learning of students. I would support cuts in duplicate administrative services and any function that is far removed from direct classroom instruction.

Question 3

In the short run, pass Measure 26-48. In the long run, continue to lobby the state for greater allocations and build community organizations to pressure the federal government to fund education and not the Pentagon. ÊÊ

Question 4

Ms. Bloebaum, eighth-grade math teacher. She loved to teach and knew her subject. She never saw my limited English ability as an obstacle to learning. She cared, expected me to learn and was demanding.


Candidate: Louie Sloan

Age: 43

Neighborhood: Overlook

Occupation: Teacher, alternative high school in David Douglas School District

Kids in PPS? Two sons: first-grader and fourth-grader at Beach Elementary

Question 1

I would push to have the district create student advocates who would provide an outreach service to struggling students to help them and their families come up with a plan to help the students meet state benchmarks.

Question 2

I strongly support Measure 26-48. As long as our legislators are unwilling to tax corporations like PGE more than $10 a year to support essential services, it is important for citizens to tax themselves.

Question 3

The Legislature needs to get a backbone and eliminate a handful of tax breaks to raise enough revenue to support essential services. Unfortunately, the rest of the state's schools will probably have to be cut to the bone like Portland's before the legislators get a clue.

Question 4

Coach McCrackin, because I liked the way he taught us how to compete in track and field.

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