Did straight-shooting Gary Hendel get canned over at Multnomah County Animal Control because of pressure from the animal-rights nutsos? That's what he contends, anyway. É His boss, Cecilia Johnson, who gave him the heave-ho, will say only that there's been a 'paradigm shift.' É Whatever that means. É Nick Fish, out testing the waters for the coming City Council race, stopped by Nick's Coney Island the other day to shake hands and eat a double Coney or two. É 'He's got my vote,' says owner Frank Nudo. 'Seemed to know a lot about the Yankees.' É As I live and breathe, wasn't that Steve Humphrey, resident funny guy over at the Portland Mercury, narrating the Nell Carter story on cable's E! last weekend? É 'Why, yes, it was,' says Humphrey, who obviously has a knack for this sort of thing. 'It was such a trashy story Ñ just perfect for me.'

• • •

Now that he's successfully concluded the war in Iraq, KXL (750 AM) talk show host Lars Larson has turned his attention to the troubling question of whether he or Secretary of State Bill Bradbury deserves credit for a government program that sends Oregon state flags to Oregon military personnel. ÉÊLars says he got the whole thing going by asking for contributions on his show. É 'Well, I don't know about that,' says Bradbury's spokesman, Paddy McGuire, perhaps sidestepping the issue. 'But I do know that Lars hasn't contributed any money himself and I have.' É More to come, no doubt. É Live wire Charlie Minn, who got laid off in the cutbacks last fall at Channel 49, has surfaced in Fresno, Calif., where he is casting sports for the local NBC station.

• • •

It was interesting enough when we reported two years ago that wheeler-dealer Andy Wiederhorn, then under federal scrutiny as part of the Capital Consultants case, was a member of the board of the local Citizens Crime Commission. É Now, Ray Mathis, until recently executive director of the selfsame organization, has resigned his post to join the board of Wiederhorn's new venture, Fog Cutter Capital Group. É 'From everything I know about him, I believe he's an honest, hardworking guy,' says Mathis. É Still think Paul Allen wants to turn the Blazers into something the town doesn't have to be ashamed of? Dream on. É In 'The Accidental Zillionaire,' Laura Rich's new book on Allen, a Hollywood screenwriter recalls getting into a conversation with Allen about the Portland Trail Blazers at a posh Los Angeles restaurant. 'As soon as the conversation turned against his team, Allen simply turned and walked away.'

• • •

Sources say 'an anvil is about to drop' on the GSA, the government agency that apparently is still determined to turn Portland's historic Pioneer Post Office into a private parking garage for federal appeals court judges. É No specifics yet Ñ but it has something to do with a visit to P-town last week by Rep. Jim Oberstar, D-Minn., ranking member of the House committee that oversees the GSA's budget. When Oberstar was shown what the judges are trying to get away with, he was 'incensed.' É And finally Ñ why not? Ñ this exceedingly dumb Blazer joke from Gary Huntley, who lives in Southeast:

Q: How many Blazers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Both teams played hard.

É Hey, I don't make 'em up, I just report 'em.

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