Twenty-two hopefuls sound off on issues and opportunities

They are two college professors and a fruit market owner and a banker and a yoga teacher Ñ and more than a dozen others.

The 22 candidates for four seats on the Portland school board Ñ hopefuls who range from 20 years old to 69 Ñ are a varied lot.

Many of them believe that Portland schools are being starved of money. More than a few believe that the school district has all the money it needs, if it spent wisely.

Some are running as a slate of candidates; most are running independently.

Hardly any of them seem to like school district administrators.

But whatever their ideas, four of them will make up a new majority of the seven-member Portland school board after the May 20 election. Winners in that election Ñ there will be no runoff Ñ will replace the four incumbents on the often-criticized volunteer board who decided not to run for re-election.

The Tribune asked the candidates to offer their views on the state's largest school district, home to more than 50,000 students. Their ideas, and their suggested directions for the district's future, are on Pages A6 and A7.

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