Incarvillea mairei v. grandiflora

Why I love this plant:

• I'm a sucker for trumpet-shaped flowers: These are 3 inches long.

• The flowers and leaves are an eye-catching addition to the front of a border.

• The flowers bloom from May to July.

• I've never seen one like it.

• It comes back every year.

• It can be grown in all climates, but in very cold climates roots need to be dug up and stored inside, like dahlias.


How to plant it:

• This plant wants morning sun and afternoon shade.

• Use soil that drains quickly: Use 2 inches of compost and pumice mixed with soil.

• Don't let the plant dry out. It doesn't like to be soggy, either.

• Winter roots will rot in wet soil, so good drainage is essential.

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