Portlanders respond to the question: Let's say out-of-town friends or relatives will be visiting you during the Rose Festival Ñwhere will you take them?

Elizabeth Tucker, a graphic designer who lives in Northeast Portland: 'My favorite Rose Festival events include the dragon boat races, the Starlight Parade (the Grand Floral Parade is best viewed on TV, so you can be warm and dry), the flower competitions and sister city exhibits.'

Melissa Ritter, a political and educational consultant who lives in Northeast Portland: 'I would definitely take visitors to see our beautiful Washington Park and Rose Garden. In addition, one of my favorite nights of Rose Festival is the Starlight Run and Parade. I think it's a great kickoff event for the season.'

Jill Eiland, a government relations executive who lives in Northwest Portland: 'Rain or shine, the Grand Floral Parade is the best Rose Festival event every year. In nice weather, we also visit the fun center, the dragon boat races and the hot air balloon show. Cotton candy at the fun center marks the start of each summer!'

Noel Miller, a student at Grant High School who lives in Northeast Portland: 'I actually am taking a family friend around during the Rose Festival, but it's so difficult to pick just one event, so I'll be ferrying her around to everything!ÊEach parade and carnival ride, even each Rose Festival ship, holds such great memories for me: of summer, of no school, of friends and of family.'

Levi Barnett, a student at Lincoln High School who lives in Southwest Portland: 'The crowning of the queen, followed by the Starlight Run, of course. Portland is exemplified as a city of intelligent people speaking to the public and rather eccentric ones running in costume on the street.'

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