The following is a list of the major players in the 1992 killings.

Murder victims:

Hal Charboneau, 42, a double amputee found stabbed to death in his North Portland home May 1, 1992. Father of street family leader Grant Charboneau.

Michelle Woodall, also known as Misty Largo, 19, kidnapped, assaulted, stabbed and strangled June 26, 1992. Ordered killed by Grant Charboneau to punish her for talking about the family with outsiders.

Leon Michael Stanton, 15, beaten and stabbed to death at the direction of Grant Charboneau to prevent him from talking about the two previous murders.

Street family members:

Grant Charboneau, 20, also known as 'X.O.,' leader of the street family, ordered the killing of his father, Largo and Stanton. Charboneau pleaded guilty to all three killings and is serving a life sentence.

Gregory Paul Wilson, 30, also known as 'C.O.' and 'Whisper,' helped kill Woodall and bury her body. Wilson was convicted of murder, assault and kidnapping and is currently in prison.

James D. Nelson, 16, also known as 'Highlander,' convicted of killing Stanton, released March 24, 2003, after serving a 10-year sentence. Now known as 'Thantos,' alleged leader of street family that police say is responsible for death of Jessica Kate Williams; he is charged with assault, kidnapping and coercion.

Joel Michael Seaquist, 16, pleaded guilty to killing and robbing Hal Charboneau.

Marvin Al-Tai-Juan Smith, 24, pleaded guilty to killing Woodall.

Angela Marie Kincaid, 16, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and killing Woodall.

Michael L. Tinnin, 19, convicted of assault and witness tampering.

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