Excerpts from a June 27 presentation on business at the Portland City Club:

'If the voters don't have the courage to do it, maybe the Legislature must.'

Ñ Scott Gibson, chief executive officer of Gibson Enterprises, speaking on the need for a consumption tax to lessen Oregon's reliance on income taxes as a source of revenue

'You can get into the athletic footwear business if you basically have a designer and a fax machine.'

Ñ Curt Roberts, vice president of global strategic planning, Nike Inc., on the low barriers to entry in the shoe industry

'At approximately 60 cents an hour É the Chinese workers are twice as productive. They work approximately six days a week because many of them are working within campuses. They are actually in the process of an industrial revolution similar to what we had many, many years ago. And in that process, you cannot compete.'

Ñ Charlie Hopewell, president of Neilsen Manufacturing Inc., referring to an article he had recently read that explained why the cost of labor is a moot point

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