I wish to comment on the story 'Patchwork Power' (Oct. 31). I have lived in Beaumont Village since 1942. I grew up on Northeast Fremont Street, attended Beaumont Middle School when it was K-8 and have family buried in Rose City Cemetery.

The changes that are being made along Fremont Street are upsetting to some of us old-timers, including me. The new buildings do not reflect the village concept. They stand out like sore thumbs, in my opinion.

My biggest concern is parking along the street, which flows onto side streets. It seems new businesses do not have to provide off-street parking. Traffic is heavier than it ever was; trying to turn out of side streets at certain times of the day is very difficult. It's difficult not only because of the traffic, but because one's ability to see oncoming traffic is blocked by parked vehicles.

Pedestrian traffic is also a problem. Many people open their car doors into traffic and jaywalk to their destination.

The speed limit continues to be 30 mph even in the most congested strip of Fremont. As far as I know, there have never been any serious accidents, but I feel it could happen anytime.

I am not opposed to 'patchwork power.' I am opposed to a crazy quilt!

Carole W. Lower

Northeast Portland

Rojo de Steffey didn't

lie, but Stanford É

I know it's a gossip columnist's job to be catty, but Phil Stanford's ill-informed sneer at my friend Maria Rojo de Steffey on Oct. 28 crossed the line.

Stanford says Rojo de Steffey, as one of those 'professional politicians' who has 'been in the game for years,' couldn't possibly have been telling the truth when she said that she withdrew from the City Council race because she realized she didn't want to lose a year of her family's life to campaigning. He implies that she quit because she had no support.

The assertion that Rojo de Steffey is a 'professional politician' is ridiculous. She has run for office precisely once before, in an abbreviated special election campaign that took much less time from her family than this one would have. The suggestion that she had no support is also ridiculous. Nick Fish (also a friend of mine) is indeed a formidable candidate, but Rojo de Steffey, in her years of service to the community in the public and private sectors, has accumulated a throng of admirers. One of the many characteristics that we admire is Rojo de Steffey's devotion to her family and friends.

Finally, why the heck is Stanford picking on someone who is no longer a candidate (except for re-election to her own County Commission seat)? What's the point? Is it just spite for spite's sake?

Steve Novick

Southeast Portland

Don't pretend UO

is a bowl contender

In the story leading into the Oregon-Washington game, the headline writer compounded the unreality of the story (Washington's next up in UO's bowl chase, Oct. 28). The jump headline on the story's second page suggested the 'UO-UW loser might miss bowl.'

The excess hype that goes to the college game today is symbolized by the embarrassment of suggesting (and, unfortunately, it's true) that an Oregon team that had been demolished by a weak Arizona State team and swamped at home by a good WSU team still could qualify for a bowl game.

If a bowl invitation still comes, one would hope the Ducks would learn from last year when they made the mistake of crowning a disastrous season by going to a bowl game in Seattle. There they lost to another struggling team, Wake Forest. If an invitation somehow still comes, Oregon should have enough class to turn it down.

Forget the bowls, all of them. All college players have worked hard in an overly long regular season. It's time they all went back to class.

George Beres


Sponsorship of Moore's talk is appreciated

I'm writing to say thank you for sponsoring Michael Moore's recent talk. Any Portland newspaper that supports people such as Michael Moore who aren't afraid to speak out and speak the truth has my support! What was the big news in Portland that same week?

1. Molly Ivins speaks to overflow crowd at First Congregational Church on Wednesday.

2. Michael Moore speaks to 10,000 at Memorial Coliseum on Thursday.

What did local TV channels cover? News about some weirdo who exposed himself at Jackson Middle School Ñ ad nauseum. Give me a break!

Dr. J. Michael Burke

Southwest Portland

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