Excerpts from a Nov. 7 presentation on economic development and job growth at the Portland City Club:

'I noticed yesterday that one of those fancy grocery stores is offering bread pudding É imagine É at $9.99 a pound. Which proves that we've got a lot of prosperous new residents. And it seems to me we got there to here mostly by taking advantage of what came along, not by any genius plan.'

Ñ Sam Naito, president of the Naito Corp., noting that the standard of living in the Willamette Valley remains high

'The thing that hurts business here more than anything, I feel, is uncertainty Ñ uncertainty of funding for most government services.'

Ñ Debi Coleman, co-founder and general partner of SmartForest Ventures, saying she would get rid of Oregon's initiative system

'You've got to go with your strengths, and you've got to figure out what the strength of a particular area is. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to replicate what was done in the past. Agriculture in the future is going to be different than agriculture in the past. But agriculture still can be a viable business.'

Ñ Marty Brantley, director of the Oregon Economic & Community Development Department

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