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Thanks for your recent enlightening article on the cancer risks and other health problems posed by diesel exhaust (DEQ steers path to cleaner diesel, Nov. 14). Surprisingly, the solutions posed by the Department of Environmental Quality and described in the article miss a ready solution that could do lots for Oregon farmers and our state's economy while virtually eliminating the health and environmental problems.

Collectively, we now send around $4 billion a year out of the state, much of it to the volatile Middle East, for fossil fuels. Locally produced BioDiesel could substantially reduce this economic and health disaster, replacing it with a clean-burning fuel that protects engines with its higher lubricity, completely avoids the need for adding destructive sulfur, has no net global warming impact and is made from both recycled fryer oil and oil seeds already grown in Eastern Oregon as a rotation crop for wheat.

My wife and I have been driving both of our cars on 100 percent BioDiesel for almost a year and find it almost effortless and surprisingly economical. Multnomah County has been successfully using easily available 20 percent BioDiesel in its trucks and heavy vehicles for about two years.

Given the health impacts and the easy availability of an alternative that would help our farmers and state economy, is it not time for TriMet and responsible drivers of efficient diesel vehicles to do the same?

R. Peter Wilcox

Northeast Portland

Blame in James case

lies closer to home

Someone needs to yell Ñ really loud: Wake up, Portland! Especially those of you very vocal leaders in the Northeast community (James case far from finished, Nov. 7).

Kendra James was not the innocent young lady you paint her to be:

• She was a druggie.

• There was a warrant for her arrest.

• She disobeyed a police order to get out of the car and instead É

• She tried to get away from the police illegally by climbing from the back seat of the car into its front seat, and to start the car's engine.

Where were the Northeast community and its vocal church leaders as James was growing up? Where were the Northeast community and its vocal church leaders when James obviously needed help and guidance? And, what are the Northeast community and its vocal church leaders doing to help all the upcoming kids like James who will need help to avoid the drugs and crime that ensnared James right under your noses?

Don't blame the police or anyone else. It was those of you in the Northeast community, and your now very vocal church leaders, who allowed her problems to fester. Instead of pushing for, and supporting, the

$10 million lawsuit by James' family, you need to spend your time and efforts at preventing the development of any more like Kendra James.

James G. Barrett

Southeast Portland

Michael Moore

was not a nice guest

So letter writer J. Michael Burke is thanking the Tribune for sponsoring Michael Moore's blabfest last month (Sponsorship of Moore's talk is appreciated, Readers' Letters, Nov. 14)? Well, I would like to thank columnist Phil Stanford for insisting that Moore should apologize to KXL talk show host Lars Larson.

Allowing Lars' private cell-phone number to be broadcast to 10,000 Moore maniacs was dirty pool. If the talk show hosts from KBOO-FM had their private numbers broadcast in the same fashion, the radical lefties would have been outraged.

This stunt just shows how classless Michael Moore is.

Scott Amos


Anti-PUD spenders

can't claim a victory

It is absurd on its face to believe that any election where the spending difference is 60-1 can be considered a victory of ideas for the deep pockets. The courts will continue to decide the efficacy of stamping a 'skull and crossbones' Ñ in the form of a warning about a fee Ñ on the ballot.

The city of Portland's first duty is to its citizens. So if taking over PGE is in our best interests, it should be done. Our city can find several local honest and capable folks to guide a power company. The private big corporate business utility managers not only failed but were and are criminals. We can do better.

Richard Ellmyer

North Portland

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