New Urban students return to regularly scheduled classes on Monday

Fire and water stayed in the main entry hall of an Oak Grove school, and did not prevent the school from opening Monday for regularly scheduled classes.

At approximately 2 a.m. on Sept. 12, Clackamas firefighters responded to a commercial fire alarm at the New Urban High School.

Upon arrival, crews requested assistance, noting smoke and heat coming from the main structure. A small fire located in the main hallway of the school was doused by a single fire sprinkler activation.

Water damage was contained to two hallways, two classrooms, a boiler room and a storage room. A construction firm has begun work on the site to restore the damaged areas.

"Fire investigators are meticulously combing the origin area for clues to the inception of this minor fire, but nothing is known as to the start of this incident," said Clackamas Fire's Jed Wachlin.

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