Evening and overnight hours targeted

Three portion of Interstate 5 will be temporarily closed in Portland this week for repaving, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation. The closures are scheduled for evening and overnight hours to minimize their impacts on traffic.

The locations and schedules are as follows:

• The center and right northbound lanes of I-5 through much of North Portland will be closed from 8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14, to 5 a.m. Thursday. The left lane will remain open and the closure will have no impact on the southbound traffic. The work will involve the closure of several ramps, including the North Killingsworth Street onramp to I-5 north, the North Rosa Parks Way off-ramp from I-5 north and onramp leading to I-5 north, and the off ramps from I-5 north to both eastbound and westbound North Lombard Street.

• The left and center lanes of southbound I-5 from the Interstate Bridge to where the highway crosses the Columbia Slough will close for paving at 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15, until 5 a.m. Friday. The right lane will remain open throughout the work, providing full access to and from Hayden Island.

• All lanes of southbound I-5 will be closed at Interstate 405, leading to the Fremont Bridge, from 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16, to 5 a.m. Saturday for paving in three spots along I-5, including the Broadway off-ramp. The northbound lanes will remain open. Southbound traffic will be routed onto Interstate 405 and the Fremont Bridge. Traffic bound for Interstate 84 should take I-405 south to I-5 north, which leads to I-84.

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