Vote for Gustafson for city council

Jon Gustafson’s primary qualifications are three. One, he is a small-businessman, thus he understands the frustration of dealing with governmental bureaucrats. Two, he has a young child at Hallinan, thus he understands that Lake Oswego, at its core, is a family community. Three, he is vice chairman, formerly chairman, of the planning commission. Jon has skillfully balanced different positions on the planning commission, controlled agitated audiences and led the commission to reasonable solutions.

These are traits sorely missed in the current council.

I want it to be understood that I am not an advocate for “straight tickets” for anything. I believe Lake Oswego has been generally very well run, but I am also very sympathetic to those who call for prudent fiscal restraint.

City councils are the most basic form of democracy. Membership on a city council calls for thoughtfulness and pragmatism rather than rhetoric and dogma. I am looking for a balanced council. I have no interest in knowing the council’s decision before it considers an issue.

For those reasons, I urge you to vote for Jon Gustafson for city council, along with Skip O’Neill and Bill Tierney.

Steve Dodds

Lake Oswego

LO lucky to have Bowerman as a candidate

Wow. That’s my reaction to reading the credentials of Karen Bowerman, candidate for Lake Oswego City Council, at Lucky. That’s the second word that comes to mind: lucky to live in such a great city and lucky to have Karen as a candidate to help keep maintain the livability of our city with a focus on prudent financial stewardship, specifically in the form of questioning the decisions that have gone into the current LO-Tigard water partnership that will quadruple our current average daily capacity.

Where is the buildable land — where is the need? I pay the bills in our household and was appalled at our most recent utility bill. I am grateful that we have the likes of Karen Bowerman to help us course correct. As someone who has overseen a multi-million budget at a university that was recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative, Karen is the ideal bridge to our educational system. Diversity takes many forms, and we need a female voice on our city council. After all, is it not the mothers of this world that make it inhabitable for the whole? Please join me by voting for Karen Bowerman for city council this election.

Claudia Petry

Lake Oswego

Macpherson will do a great job for a great city

From the perspective of a former mayor of Lake Oswego (2001-2009), I would like to urge Lake Oswego voters to vote for Greg Macpherson for mayor.

Being mayor of a full-service city like Lake Oswego requires the ability to work with citizens, staff and other governments in order to achieve the goals set by the community and the council. I was very fortunate to serve for eight years with extremely capable forward-looking councilors as well as very talented administrators. As a result, we were able to accomplish the revitalization of our downtown, invest in parks and open spaces and to achieve our AAA bond rating.

Today we are extremely fortunate to have a candidate like Greg who is uniquely qualified to fulfill that leadership role of mayor. As a benefits attorney and state representative, Greg used his knowledge, talent and ability to work with others to make changes and bring down the costs of the PERS retirement program while serving us in the state Legislature. Greg brings the knowledge and the temperament to do a great job for a great city. Please join me in electing Greg Macpherson as mayor.

Judie Hammerstad

Former mayor

Lake Oswego

Vote for Dan Williams for city councilor

There are many reasons to elect Dan Williams to Lake Oswego City Council.

Dan is dedicated to helping our seniors. He heard that seniors needed a way to get around Lake Oswego once they were no longer able to drive, and he took action. He didn’t look to the city for a solution — he recruited a group of volunteers and started NeighborLink, a shuttle and volunteer driver program. He invested his own time, money and energy in helping seniors.

For years Lake Oswego did studies and surveys on senior issues. Dan identified the problem and immediately took action to help solve it. He didn’t ask taxpayers for a new service or study.

Dan is a 22-year resident of Lake Oswego. His children are enrolled in our schools. He owns a small business. He was a budget committee member for three years advocating for a reduction in the number of consultants, prioritizing core services and protecting public safety programs. He believes that city council should answer to local citizens — not to the overreaching plans of Metro and the state.

You can trust Dan Williams to respect you and your taxpayer dollars.

Janine Dunphy

NeighborLink board member

Bowerman can make the tough decisions

When we elect a mayor or city councilor, we expect them to represent us in making the tough decisions about our town.

We expect good schools and good roads and we don’t need our tax dollars to go to frivolous development that should be done by private investors. If a private developer can’t do the project without public funds, it is, by definition, not necessary.

Our city council has dreamed up projects that the people don’t need, and not wishing to take responsibility for the expense, councilors hire consultants to give them political cover. We as taxpayers have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for these studies designed to make up for their political cowardice. If they don’t get the response that they wanted in the first study, they hire another study.

If the council doesn’t value the opinions of the ordinary citizens we should elect Karen Bowerman, whose day job is being a very successful consultant and making those tough decisions that our city council is unable to make without hiring, at taxpayer expense, the “brains” to do the thinking for them.

Lauri Hein

Lake Oswego

Sargent thanked for library opinion

I wish to thank Carole Sargent for the recent comments in the Review (letters, Oct. 18) regarding building a new library.

As a result, it seems frustrating for so many our residents, that the city will be taking a high tax income-producing property off the rolls to build a library in downtown Lake Oswego.

The logical location is the West End Building. If a remodel does not seem to be a cost savings, then use some of the land that surrounds the WEB and build a new structure. Parking issues alone should drive this location.

The WEB location is much closer to the population and geographic center. On a daily basis, it would seem more residents that live in the downtown will travel past the WEB than Lake Grove residents go to downtown Lake Oswego.

I agree that a new library is needed. But rational thinking tells you that a library should be made easily available to all who live in our city. After all, the city is asking for all of us to pay for it.

G.H. Smith

Lake Oswego

Macpherson should get your vote

I join the list of school advocates who believe Greg Macpherson is the right choice for the next mayor of Lake Oswego. Greg has been a long and consistent supporter of our local schools.

The people of Lake Oswego are passionate about education. As a result, all candidates for elective office here say they’re for schools. Voters should consider what the candidates have actually done. Greg served on the board of the school district Foundation and as honorary chairman of its annual phon-a-thon. As our representative in Salem, Greg sponsored legislation that increased the district’s local option levy for schools.

Because state funding is per-pupil, Lake Oswego must maintain its student population to keep top quality schools. As mayor, Greg will promote a variety of housing options to attract young families to the community. Lake Oswego voters should support the candidate who is really for schools: Greg Macpherson.

John Wallin

Lake Oswego

Celebrate the city’s newest sculpture

Congratulations, Lake Oswego. We have a wonderful new sculpture to celebrate, this on the west end of the city at the Jean Road Fire Station.

Uniquely constructed with recycled metal materials, including old motorcycle parts, this totem pole brings fascination to young and old alike. How wonderful that the community was instrumental in bringing the arts to our end of the city, and to Don Caldwell for being the instigator for the project. Well done.

Corinne Spiegel

Lake Oswego

Macpherson is a true leader

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Greg Macpherson running for mayor of Lake Oswego. Greg did an outstanding job representing our district in the state Legislature for many years. He was always extremely informed on the issues, and helped steer our state into a more fiscally sound direction.

We had the pleasure during our careers as actuaries of working alongside Greg in assisting our clients with their employee retirement programs. As an employee benefits attorney, Greg communicated well, listened attentively and brought considerable expertise and intelligence to each meeting.

Greg’s enthusiasm for our community is readily evident. He is a true leader that has consistently demonstrated his eagerness to listen and seek consensus, and his conscientiousness and dedication to public service prompt us to wholeheartedly endorse him. We hope you’ll join us in voting for Greg Macpherson for mayor of Lake Oswego.

Bruce and Joan Freed

Lake Oswego

Vote for Williams for city council

I am writing to support Dan Williams for Lake Oswego City Council. I appreciate Dan’s commitment to promoting transparency in city fiscal operations. I recall Dan promoting the televised coverage of the Lake Oswego Citizen Budget Committee deliberations. His effort resulted in CBC meetings being covered on cable for all citizens to evaluate the decisions of both the elected and appointed members of the committee. The ability for citizens to learn about the budget without leaving their home is a tremendous improvement, especially for our growing senior population.

Dan also is the only candidate to advocate for a consultant registry. A registry of consultants would greatly improve the ability for citizens to monitor the “hidden payroll” of Lake Oswego. It is concerning that Lake Oswego currently has a large number of city employees in relation to similar size cities, yet still pays millions of dollars each year to consultants. Dan’s idea of requiring firms to agree to be listed on a registry would only serve to improve transparency in local government, and increase citizen confidence in city contract procedures.

Dan provides the common sense and clarity Lake Oswego needs. I urge voters to elect Dan to council.

Jon Willis

Lake Oswego

Support Studebaker, Williams, Bowerman and O’Neill

Today’s newspapers are full of letters extolling the virtues of favored candidates. Great listeners, great Oswegans.

Let’s look at some facts. Orestar, the Secretary of State campaign site, lists individual candidates’ contributors. Think the streetcar is dead? Jon Gustafson received contributions from California streetcar manufacturer Stacy & Witbeck and Roger Shiels of Shiels, Obletz, Johnsen, project managers for local streetcar development. Bill Tierney received contributions from Allied Waste after voting to extend its contract with no competitive bidding. Greg Macpherson received significant dollars from Portland lawyers. Macpherson supported the streetcar and voted to bring Stafford into urban reserves despite Lake Oswego policies to the contrary. As a member of LCDC, he also voted for rule changes that could result in more congestion on Highway 43. In fact, it appears Macpherson’s positions are similar to those of current Mayor Jack Hoffman.

The real question in this election is whether a vote for Macpherson, Tierney and Gustafson is simply a vote for four more years of the current council’s priorities and a return of the streetcar.

Join me in voting for a new direction for Lake Oswego not more of the same. Vote for Studebaker, Williams, Bowerman and O’Neill.

Jim Bolland

Lake Oswego

Bowerman is right fit for council

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Karen Bowerman during the current election season, and she has the credentials and personal attributes to be a great city councilor.

Karen is extremely bright, does her homework and has no problem standing up for her beliefs. She’s had a very successful career in higher education as both a professor and dean of a College of Business and Public Administration in the University of California system. As such, she’s been responsible for large budgets and understands financial issues — something that will be very needed as our city navigates a mountain of debt and a long list of infrastructure needs.

Besides these strong business and management credentials, Karen is also very warm, a good listener and cares about people. It’s that combination of smarts and empathy for others that will make her an outstanding city councilor and able to consider both the business criteria and the human element in her decisions.

A recent injury has put some limits on Karen’s door-to-door campaigning so please watch videos of her discussing water bills and other issues at See for yourself what a bright, energetic, engaging person she is. Please vote for Karen Bowerman.

Lauren Hughes

Lake Oswego

‘Civility’ won’t be a future issue

Greg Macpherson’s campaign revolves around “bringing civility” to the community. Perhaps if he were actively involved in attending city council meetings or serving on a city board, he would recognize the only uncivil thing is that current leadership has consistently failed to acknowledge the merits in the views presented by the folks. With a new city council, “civility” will not be an issue because voters will determine that this attitude is unacceptable.

Bringing civility to city hall is not the issue; bringing sanity to the thought process on decisions made by the mayor and city council is what is important.

Kent Studebaker advocates that our city government needs to hone its listening skills and start giving citizens some consideration. “My way or the highway” is no longer a meaningful posture. The last thing we need is another career politician who lacks the management skills to serve as a leader of our community. We need Kent who clearly understands that priorities need to be established in concert with the citizens. With his direction, and citizen input, decisions will be made in the best interests of our city, not a selected few with hidden agendas.

A vote for Kent Studebaker is the clear choice.

Dave Sengenberger

Lake Oswego

‘It’s time to bring unity back’

This past week I have been overwhelmed with that old familiar proud to be an American feeling. The unity of both Democrats, Republicans and Independents while campaigning for Studebaker, Bowerman, Williams and O’Neill has been incredibly inspiring. To witness these parties with one common goal — to get these no nonsense, honest candidates elected — has been one of the most uplifting experiences I have witnessed in a long, long time.

They are a fine example to our children that we actually can work together, respect one another and accept that we may have a few differences but that a common goal is deep inside us all. If the entire country would use the methods that these candidates have instilled in their campaigners, I can only imagine what we could accomplish. For too many years, the council has swayed to one side or another, its time to bring unity back to our city.

I plead with you to please vote for Studebaker, Bowerman, Williams and O’Neill, just candidates who will weigh all sides and have the best interest of our beautiful city in their hearts just as you and I do.

Tracy Marx

Lake Oswego

Keep Tierney on the city council

Please join with me in voting for Bill Tierney. In more than 20 years of living, working and playing in Lake Oswego, I have come to appreciate community leaders who are visionary, committed and independent thinkers. I believe Bill is all these and thus provides the necessary leadership on our city council to maintain the high quality of life that we enjoy in Lake Oswego.

Bill has demonstrated many times that he has the energy to fully engage in comprehensive evaluation of issues rather than a simple dogmatic approach to issues. Bill is the type of leader who knows how to bring a group to consensus to move our community forward while maintaining the quality of life we all enjoy in Lake Oswego.

Colin Cooper

Lake Oswego

Vote in the right ticket for LO

The residents of Lake Oswego have a great opportunity to elect a mayor who will set the local government straight, establishing a new fiscal course and cleaning up old messes. West End Building, new tennis courts, massive expansion of the water department (with Tigard) and the Stafford annexation — these are things we do not need.

One of the candidates for mayor is talking about the same old, same old. His vision for Lake Oswego’s future is to make another little Portland. We don’t need what Portland has. We have all heard of “Portland Creep,” well, folks it is real, and we don’t want any part of it. Why else is he being backed by a lot of Portland money?

Lake Oswego residents support our schools and parks. We like to determine what is best for residents’ property, not Metro. We don’t want subsidized housing, so that low-income families can move here — we pay the high housing costs and taxes to get away from all that is Portland.

With guiding influence of Kent Studebaker, Karen Bowerman, Skip O’Neill, Dan Williams, Jeff Gudman and Mike Kehoe, we can expect good solid performance for our future.

Support Kent Studebaker and crew ... for a better LO.

Steve and Merlyn Wright

Lake Oswego

Garrett supported for re-election in House race

The Lake Oswego Chapter of Stand for Children is pleased to endorse Chris Garrett for state representative in the 38th district.

Chris has been a consistent champion for improving education in our state. He understands that a better education for all Oregon students requires not only stable and adequate funding but also meaningful reform in education programming that will enhance teacher effectiveness and student achievement. He was a key supporter of the education reforms that will lead to better outcomes for our students from pre-kindergarten though college. Chris also supports comprehensive revenue reform and the need for smarter spending to decrease volatility in the state budgeting process that imperils education.

Please join us in continuing the work that needs to be done to strengthen our schools and our state by supporting Chris Garrett for state Legislature.

Courtney A. Clements

Andrea Platt

Lake Oswego

Representing LO Stand for Children

We need Tierney’s demeanor on the council

I am endorsing Bill Tierney for city council. I am not making this endorsement as much because his political leanings correspond with mine, which they sometimes don’t. I am instead making this endorsement because Bill Tierney will continue to bring to a potentially contentious city council the businesslike, civil and positive tone that we expect in any leadership role and which he has shown for the past four years.

John W. “Jack” Lundeen

Lake Oswego

Studebaker, Bowerman, O’Neill and Williams backed

In a perfect world voters would rely upon facts to make their decisions, but often times the truth is hidden. City council candidate Jon Gustafson probably doesn’t want voters to know about recent cash contributions to his campaign. Gustafson has received money from the out-of-state contractor Stacy Witbeck that does much of the Portland Streetcar’s construction. Furthermore, Roger Shiels, a partner in the Portland Streetcar management firm, contributed to Mr. Gustafson’s campaign.

Although conspiracy is hard to prove, the implications are clear. If Jon Gustafson is elected to the city council he will have a vested interest in voting in favor of the Lake Oswego streetcar. The conclusions are simple; a vote for John Gustafson is a vote to bring the streetcar to Lake Oswego.

Even voters in favor of the streetcar should be concerned about such an alarming conflict of interests. City council members should be elected to serve their constituents, not their financial supporters. This November, I will be voting for Studebaker, Bowerman, O’Neill, and Williams because their motives are clear; they want to serve Lake Oswego and not outside parties.

Matthew J. Keenen

Lake Oswego

‘WEB is irrelevant to voters’ choice this fall’

I live on the west side of town (Westlake) and I support the proposed new library at First and B.

Some have expressed opposition to the library bond measure because they say the West End Building is a better location. Voters should not be deceived into thinking that the November election allows them to choose between a new library at First and B or a new library at the WEB. That is not the choice facing voters. Instead voters must choose between a new library at First and B or no new library.

Why is a new library at the WEB not an option? First, it is not on the ballot now, nor is it likely to ever be. Second, the people who are against this measure would have to support two things they are unlikely to find palatable. They would have to support a plan for long-term ownership of the WEB. They would also have to support a bond initiative to pay for the substantial cost necessary to improve the WEB to make it appropriate for library use.

The WEB is irrelevant to voters’ choice this fall. Voters who want a new library should vote yes on Ballot Measure 3-405.

David White

Lake Oswego

Vote for Jordan for city council

Terry Jordan brings a positive attitude, hard work and unconditional fairness.

I have known Terry Jordan and her family for the past nine years, since they began attending classes at World Champion Tae Kwon Do in Lake Oswego. During that time, Terry worked her way from a new student to a third degree Black Belt and from a volunteer instructor to a paid staff instructor. She brings her positive attitude, willingness to work hard and her unconditional fairness to every class.

Most importantly, Terry works well with a wide range of students and instructors of all ages. I have never seen anyone with such a strong positive attitude. She is one of the nicest people I know and I believe she would be the best person for city council because she is so fair. I highly recommend Terry for this position.

When I see her teaching and in class, I see that she treats everyone with fairness. She is well liked and respected by all who know her. I am certain that Terry’s skills would benefit the community of Lake Oswego as a city councilor.

Please join me in voting for Terry Jordan for city council in Lake Oswego.

Master Je-Kyoung Kim

Olympic Gold Medalist and owner of World Champion Tae Kwon Do

Lake Oswego

10 reasons to vote for Bill Tierney

Bill Tierney is a “10” for council:

1. Tierney is a voice of reason.

Bill is honest, doesn’t play politics and puts the future benefit of our city first.

2. Tierney respects his fellow councilors.

Bill’s reasoned approach often stands in contrast to council melodramas we observe.

3. Tierney guards taxpayers’ money.

Bill votes against a project when the dollars and cents don’t add up.

4. Tierney has the credentials the council needs.

Bill’s a corporate leader, has four years on city council and seven years on the Development Review Commission.

5. Tierney is prepared.

Bill understands the issues, is prepared to discuss them and has knowledge regarding them.

6. Tierney has an open mind.

Bill will listen to your point of view, consider it, contemplate it and incorporate it.

7. Tierney explains issues in terms we understand.

Bill dissects the double-speak of politics, then explains the facts understandably.

8. Tierney supports strong schools.

Bill helped fund Lake Oswego School District from the 2011-12 budget.

9. Tierney is realistic.

Bill supports selling the West End Building (if) given a good offer and saving interest by paying down the principle

10. Tierney wants our city to succeed.

Keep Lake Oswego great by re-electing Bill Tierney.

Sid Smither

Lake Oswego

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