Voters should back Macpherson for mayor

City politics have become too contentious. We need leaders who will put aside political differences and work together for the good of the community. I feel that’s what Greg Macpherson will do as the next mayor of Lake Oswego.

I’ve known Greg since he joined Lake Oswego Rotary a decade ago. He forms strong relationships with his fellow Rotarians, regardless of how they view political matters. Greg knows that strong relationships and hard work are how things get done.

Even though Greg and I are of different political philosophy, I support him for mayor of Lake Oswego. He has the skills and personality to pull our city council together on common ground.  I urge a vote for Greg Macpherson for mayor.

Bill Warner

Lake Oswego

Vote Williams, Bowerman, O’Neill and Studebaker

We have the opportunity to restore faith and confidence in Lake Oswego City Hall by electing Dan Williams, Karen Bowerman and Skip O’Neill to city council and Kent Studebaker as mayor. These people will focus on the needs and priorities of the citizens —not of cronies and special interests or outside entities (like Metro and Portland).

Take a minute and save Lake Oswego from loss of affordability and identity.

Dave Luck

Lake Oswego

Tierney brings balance to the council

Bill Tierney belongs to a rare breed of local government leadership who knows how to balance today’s needs with long-term plans and respect for all viewpoints with independent reflection to make sound decisions for Lake Oswego’s future.

Cast your vote for Bill Tierney for a second term on city council. He provides continuity, strategic perspective and the ability to collaborate with all community stakeholders.

Mary Bosch

Lake Oswego

Jordan supporter finds number of positives

Terry Jordan is the kindest, most steadfast person I know, and I’ve known her for nine years.

She is brilliant and wise and attentive — adjectives I am thrilled to finally associate with a political candidate. When Terry chooses a path, she will not deviate from it until she has reached its end.

I have watched her earn a third-degree black belt in tae kwon do. I have witnessed her prowess as a Reiki master. I have spent time with her loving, close-knit family. This dedication, coupled with her innate and infectious altruism, are what make her an ideal candidate for our city council. Her goal is to unite Oswegans beyond partisan or personal agendas, to listen to and take action toward our own problems in our own communities, and to advocate for the people of Lake Oswego in a fresh and enthusiastic by-the-people-for-the-people sort of way.

She has already helped my family communicate with the city to fix a problem with the street signs in our neighborhood — and she’s not even in office yet. I have no trouble picturing Terry in this position, and I hope for the sake of our beautiful city that she has a chance to do so.

Brynn Tran

Lake Oswego

O’Neill would make an outstanding councilor

I have known Skip O’Neill since 1976 and there are characteristics that have stood out over the years. Skip is always consistent, honest, a great listener and a leader.

He has experience in running companies from 400 employees to a small business. His skills have been outstanding in both business and with working with organizations.

You need someone who will lead Lake Oswego forward in a financially responsible way. With his building background, Skip has experience in working with the city of Lake Oswego and he has built some strong relationships. While living in Lake Oswego for more then 30 years, the entire O’Neill family has been very active. They have helped with schools, events and many hours of volunteering in the community.

Skip is very proud of his community and during our visits, he has shown us what an outstanding and unique community Lake Oswego represents — from its history, the farmers markets, summer concerts and many bike-running paths.

I think just the variety of endorsements from different groups and organizations should already illustrate that Skip has demonstrated his bipartisanship that will be needed for city council.

I encourage Lake Oswego citizens to vote Skip O’Neill for city council.

Steve Eick

Birmingham, Mich.

Macpherson worthy of your vote

Lake Oswego is fortunate to have Greg Macpherson running for mayor.

Greg has the intelligence and abilities to dig deep into the details of many issues and challenges. Greg also has the vision and passion for the future for our fine city.

I trust him in process, dialog and analysis in his abilities to manage details while holding the longer-term view of what’s important to our livability.

That’s why I support electing Greg Macpherson for mayor of Lake Oswego. Please join me in voting for Greg.

Paul Lyons

Lake Oswego

Don’t forget county races

Please vote for incumbents Charlotte Lehan and Jamie Damon for Clackamas County chairwoman and commissioner, respectively.

Charlotte is deeply experienced in the issues that matter to both urban and rural voters, and is devoted to maintaining the rural character of the county.

Jamie is a professional mediator, whose listening skills and genuine respect for all citizens have helped to calm tempers at commission meetings about contentious issues. She is so well respected that she has just been appointed to the governor’s panel to find a solution for counties that rely on timber revenue to fund basic services.

Their opponents are both funded largely by Tea Party sources as an attempt to shift Clackamas County to the far right. A look at the Secretary of State’s website reveals hundreds of contributors to Charlotte and Jamie’s campaigns, and only a handful for their opponents, for approximately the same amount of monies.

Charlotte and Jamie have done the hard work of making their cases to the voters, who have contributed to their campaigns. Their opponents have taken special interest money from a few sources that hope to gain influence.

Who would you trust to conduct the county’s business for the benefit of all?

Jan Castle

Lake Oswego

Library is beyond capacity

Our library has reached its capacity and more in serving Lake Oswego. We desperately need a new building to house our marvelous collection and to better serve all the people in Lake Oswego.

Maxine Collins

Lake Oswego

Ben Bernanke’s vision is questioned

American companies have built up investible savings of $2 trillion. They also have huge amounts of foreign earnings saved up.

Upwards of 3 million new employees are needed by U.S. companies to fill out their work forces. But not enough people with the necessary skills are applying. Returning veterans are very trainable and have excellent motivation to learn new skills. Forty-seven federal job-training programs are not able to fill even these opportunities.

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, sees this stalemate and decides he must do something. His tool is the monetary printing press. He creates new credit out of thin air, buys government bonds and then collects interest on the bonds. These acts are called by the sophisticated name of “quantitative easing.”

Now Mr. Bernanke is about to embark on QE3. This one will be of indefinite size. It will be a continuous offering of $0.45 trillion per year dedicated to buying home mortgage securities until employment increases to a “satisfactory” level.

These quantitative easings reputedly boost the stock market. It’s likely they also cause the inflation we see in the prices of gold and commodities.

After the dot-com bubble burst, Alan Greenspan remarked that “you don’t see a bubble when you’re in it.” Clearly, Mr. Bernanke’s vision is not so good either.

George E. Edens

Lake Oswego

Ravings and loans and the ‘currency of truth’

The people at my bank

Are dressed for Halloween.

It’s a spooky business,

Vaults with their secrets,

The clanking of hard money.

Dracula takes my check.

Death offers a jellybean.

It’s as if for one day

The spell doesn’t hold,

And we are forced to deal

In the currency of truth.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Vote Studebaker, Williams, O’Neill, Bowerman

Having attended the candidates’ forum held at the Lake Oswego High School, listening to all the candidates, I arrived at this conclusion. My votes go to Kent Studebaker for mayor and Dan Williams, Skip O’Neill and Karen Bowerman for council. They provided the most cogent and energetic responses to the issue of city budget and debt.

That expected debt is about $370 million for the West End Building, new sewer interceptor, tennis courts, library, city eminence facility, Tigard/LO water (water partnership). Our utility bills could be as high as $800 a month by one estimate.

It is time to set aside the “vision thing” and get the right people, those mentioned above, in office who will solve this looming debt problem.

I voted for Bill Tierney last time, but not this time. His block voting with three other councilors, approving Mayor Hoffman’s spending proposals, is reprehensible. The late commendable exception was his vote against the streetcar. But I see this last-minute vote as a matter of expediency rather than conscience, the act of a savvy, slick politician.

John Beau

Lake Oswego

Sorry for letting politics get out of hand

I stole political candidate yard signs from a neighbor’s private property. The signs were for city council candidates Skip O’Neill, Dan Williams, Karen Bowerman and mayoral candidate Kent Studebaker and a sign for LOCAL, the citizen action group.

My actions were not only criminal but even more importantly, my actions interfered with the First Amendment rights of a fellow citizen to freedom of speech and their right to express their political views even though they may differ from mine.

For these actions, I sincerely apologize not only to the person from whom I stole the signs but to all of my fellow Lake Oswego citizens.

Marilena Burdett

Lake Oswego

Former resident feels concern about city

We recently moved from Lake Oswego to Weed, Calif., but still remain concerned about just where our beloved city is headed without a sensible mayor and city council.

We are all familiar with the phrase of “two thumbs up.” Well, I have a new phrase when it comes to (four of the) Lake Oswego candidates running for mayor and city council. I heartily support Kent Studebaker for mayor and support Karen Bowerman, Skip O’Neill and Dan Williams for city council. These candidates are exactly what Lake Oswego needs. Hard working, intelligent and sensible citizens ready to bring our city back to being our Lake Oswego.

I not only have “two thumbs up” — I have “all 10 digits skyward.”

Kathe Worsley

Weed, Calif. (formerly of Lake Oswego)

Kent Studebaker says ‘yes’ to Lake Oswego

Studebaker has made it clear that he says “yes” to Lake Oswego.

He will 1) restore discipline in spending and priorities — not continue down the same path and further increase city debt; 2) assure that citizens have full use of their own property — not continue to be restricted by overreaching regulations; 3) preserve the character of our neighborhoods — not continue down a regional path to higher density; 4) signal Metro that we are a strong voice — not a shy suburb of Portland that thinks Metro is in the driver’s seat; 5) provide a long term plan to assure that basic services are given high priority and know where additional projects fit in the big picture — not be derailed with “flavor of the month” projects like the streetcar or newly proposed and expensive bike path to Portland.

An experienced businessman and current chairman of the Lake Oswego Budget Committee, Kent has no political career ambitions beyond doing what is best for Lake Oswego. We can count on him to provide the leadership we need to keep Lake Owego great.

Barb Vance

Lake Oswego

Silence is not golden

When my elected officials plug their ears and hear nothing but silence for years on numerous topics and then act on their preconceived opinions, there is nothing for me to do but to vote to fire those officials.

After all, they are servants of the people, as defined in many widely accepted documents and ideologies.

Yet Mayor Hoffman and several of the city council people have resisted to follow generally accepted foundational principles and inputs. He has endorsed now defunct beliefs of “global warming,” supported a 25 percent plus increase in water and sewer costs, embraced the West End Building, fought for the half-billion-dollar (streetcar) and other ideologies that government has the right and knowledge above facts to spend money on things we don’t want and need, except to the special interests of groups.

“Hear me now?” We the people want less government, lower taxes and fewer regulations.

David Coffman

Lake Oswego

Next mayor should have a positive vision

Lake Oswego’s next mayor should be a person with a positive vision for the community. We are fortunate to have two uniquely qualified candidates vying for the job. Earlier this year Greg Macpherson proposed that a bicycle/pedestrian path be built on the Willamette Shore Trolley right of way. That caught my eye because I’ve been thinking the same thing for a long time.

The proposal to build a streetcar on the right of way stirred up intense disagreement until the city council shelved the proposal in January. By contrast, nearly everyone who hears about putting a bicycle/pedestrian path on the right of way thinks it’s a great idea. This kind of idea could do a lot to pull the community together.

As Greg pointed out, there are ownership and construction issues to be resolved before the bicycle/pedestrian path could be built. That’s OK. I just want to know that serious consideration is being given to this kind of win-win idea our mayor and city council should be pursuing.

This is a positive vision of Lake Oswego from Greg Macpherson, candidate for mayor, for which he deserves credit. I support this low-cost and sustainable bicycle/pedestrian path solution for the Willamette Shore Trolley right of way.

Charles M. Collins

Lake Oswego

Tierney should be returned to the council

I am writing in support of Bill Tierney as he seeks re-election to the Lake Oswego City Council.

In his first term, Bill focused on several important issues facing the city. These included management of the West End Building, the water partnership between Lake Oswego and Tigard, the proposed streetcar expansion from Portland to Lake Oswego, a new development plan for the Foothills neighborhood and an update to the sensitive lands code. But, there is still much more to be done.

Bill’s position on these issues renews my faith in government and makes me feel included as part of the community. He is accessible, a good listener and someone who expresses his views in a professional manner without creating undue conflict.

Don Richards

Lake Oswego

Studebaker — building a solid LO future

As a long-term resident of Lake Oswego, I continue to be thankful for the quality of life that we enjoy here — the beauty of Oswego Lake, the vibrancy of the village, our exceptional schools, and the safety we experience in our neighborhoods. Each of these conditions is the result of past visionary leaders who worked hard to create a very special community.

Certainly I want and expect Lake Oswego to continue to be a very special place. We are at an interesting decision point, however. We have a dozen “city improvement” projects in the pipeline that appear to move LO forward, but these come at an overwhelming cost to the citizens — $371 million. Just when many businesses and households are cutting back to adjust to these challenging economic times, the current city council is moving ahead with what could result in massive debt — not unlike the path of our federal government.

My choice for mayor, Kent Studebaker, has the leadership talent and courage to balance vibrancy with affordability. Kent understands the need to provide effective and efficient city services first, then to explore what other priorities are fiscally prudent.

Eric Allenbaugh

Lake Oswego

Macpherson, Tierney, Gustafson supported

Over the past year, I have sometimes been disheartened by the negative tone of our city council. For that reason, I support many of the same candidates Keep Lake Oswego Great endorses: a group of positive professionals with no axe to grind.

Greg Macpherson, Bill Tierney and Jon Gustafson have all demonstrated fiscal prudence. And each, through volunteerism and activism, has a long history of contributing to our community. They each have demonstrated a constructive, forward-looking vision for Lake Oswego.

Greg Macpherson has solved difficult problems in the state Legislature and shown his devotion to Lake Oswego through years of volunteering in the schools, for seniors and park clean-ups. Bill Tierney is a consensus-builder in the existing city council and Jon Gustafson has been a thoughtful leader for our planning commission.

Each of these candidates knows and loves our city. They understand the quality of life that we want to protect. They will balance our need for financial care and the needs to protect our health and safety and the beauty of our city.

Lynn Hennagin

Lake Oswego

‘Opt for change we can rely on’

The time is here to cast your ballots. Make your decision to direct the future course of Lake Oswego.

Lake Oswego needs to continue to remain a great place to live.  We all love our community, our schools, our neighbors and neighborhoods. Areas we differ in are who makes the choices for our future.

For 12 years we have been dominated by an idealistic group who sincerely believe they know best for Lake Oswego and your opinions are not relevant. They know how to spend your money, how to change your place of living, how to direct your choice of transportation, and how to maintain and control your real property.  You simply are not intelligent enough to make your own decisions.

Choices are clear. Maintain the direction of the last 12 years with individuals who claim credit for all the beneficial changes in Lake Oswego but avoid responsibility for the detrimental decisions of the past 12 years (i.e., West End Building), or opt for change we can rely on.

Opt for representatives that will protect the interests of all of our citizens, not the dreams and visions of a select few. Opt for Studebaker, Bowerman, Williams, and O’Neill. Vote for sound judgment.

Gale Gipson

Lake Oswego

Support Macpherson, Tierney, Gustafson and O’Neill

Observing the success of another drug take-back program, I was again reminded of the excellent and much-needed programs this city provides, in this case at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center, or ACC.

Keeping Lake Oswego great requires continued commitment to excellence that can only be achieved by the amazing number of active community volunteers in Lake Oswego, capable staff coordinators and core services and programs such as the ACC, the police and fire departments, the library, and many others, working together to address community needs for excellent livability.

Keep Lake Oswego Great, the PAC, supports Greg Macpherson for mayor and supports Bill Tierney, Jon Gustafson and Skip O’Neill because they know volunteer-based civic projects first-hand and strongly support them. Please vote to ensure the best use of tax dollars with citizen participation in community-based projects and services which built our nationally recognized family-friendly community by engaging together with civility.

Craig Stephens 

Lake Oswego

Studebaker is the right choice for mayor

I just finished reading the opinion page in the Lake Oswego Review (Oct. 25) endorsing Macpherson for mayor.

I heartily disagree and have already cast my vote for Kent Studebaker.

When President Obama ran for president, four years ago, his campaign slogan was “Change.” And that is what Lake Oswego needs to do now.

Please vote for Kent Studebaker.

Lynn Guzie

Lake Oswego

Gustafson is the right fit

I plan to vote for Jon Gustafson for Lake Oswego City Council, and urge you to do the same.

Jon has served the city well as chairman of the planning commission. That service has given him a solid understanding of many important ways the city interacts with its citizens. It is a demanding volunteer position, and Jon met his commitment well.

He is a business owner who understands the need for the city to treat business fairly, and will bring that sensibility to council decisions. He is an involved father of a child in our public schools.

I cannot think of a candidate more ready to give us four productive years on the city council. Join me in voting for Jon Gustafson for city council.

Ellie McPeak

Lake Oswego

Newcomer supports KLOG candidates

I am a relative newcomer to Lake Oswego. I moved here from Portland three years ago, and I like what I see. I like the beauty and the quiet, the great services and convenient downtown.

Only one thing concerned me at first: I noticed that in letters and op-eds in the paper there seemed to be some mean-spirited conflict. I read personal attacks on elected officials and disparaging comments in response to opinions that citizens expressed. It really made me feel uncomfortable.

I respect and value different opinions, but I didn’t like the tone. I think it can be a form of intimidation; if people feel that they will be attacked, they are less likely to express themselves. In a small town such as Lake Oswego, this can really damage the community.

That is why I was delighted to join a group called “Keep Lake Oswego Great.” This nonpartisan group promotes respect, collaboration and civility. They have chosen a diverse group of experienced candidates who have shown that they can get things done without being divisive. Please support Greg Macpherson for mayor, and Bill Tierney, Skip O’Neil and Jon Gustafson for the city council.

Lisa Adatto

Lake Oswego

We voted for Gustafson

We voted for Jon Gustafson for city councilor and we ask you to join us. He is our neighbor and is a voice of reason. He chaired our Lake Oswego Planning Commission and bridged disagreements with grace. He knows about our schools, as his daughter attends Hallinan School.

And he appreciates the challenges for Lake Oswego businesses, since he is an architect and owner of a local remodeling company. We believe he is the right candidate for council.

Dave and Debbie Craig

Lake Oswego

Studebaker is ‘a natural for leading Lake Oswego’

Kent Studebaker, until he sold his successful company, was my worthy business competitor. He owned a company that sold bearings, gearboxes, chain and other industrial components; his company ably represented companies that manufactured highly technical components. He was responsible for successful sales efforts in the Northwest for each company represented by his company.

I was aware of Kent’s professional representation of his companies, and that he was an officer in our association, the Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association. Over the years, he held various offices, winding up as president of this national organization. The PTRA thrived under his leadership.

Kent is a former Marine Reserve senior officer, having spent 23 years total in active and reserve duty. The leadership and important teamwork he has experienced as a Marine Corps officer, successful business owner and attorney are enhanced by his local civic volunteerism.

I have observed budget meetings where Kent demonstrated his fiduciary knowledge as chairman of the Lake Oswego Budget Committee. Kent, from his volunteerism in our city, his knowledge of city issues and his consensus-building leadership and professional credentials, is a natural for leading Lake Oswego.

I urge you to vote for Kent Studebaker.

R. Borgford

Lake Oswego

‘I believe Lake Oswego is better than that’

The following is in response to the citizen’s view “Voters should turn down both bond measures” by John Surrett in the Oct. 25 issue of the Lake Oswego Review.

Whatever ostensible argument John Surrett ever makes about any issue facing our community, his real message is always, “I don’t care what’s best for Lake Oswego. If it will cost me money, I don’t want it.”

The general obligation bond (3-406) is a common-sense and modest measure to improve the safety of our children in response to the explosion of vehicle traffic on Boones Ferry Road that Mr. Surrett’s beloved free market has given us with Bridgeport Village and now Wal-Mart. How can anyone seriously object to the installation of a stop light to protect kids?

With regard to 3-405, is Mr. Surrett actually arguing against the cultural value of libraries by suggesting that we no longer need “outdated books” in the age of the Internet? The mind reels at the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of such an argument.

It has been estimated that the two measures would result in a combined increase of 76 dollars per household in annual property taxes. Is Mr. Surrett really telling us from his house on the lake that he can’t afford less than seven dollars a month?

May I humbly suggest that Mr. Surrett might feel more at home in a community that shares his everyone-for-himself, you’re-on-your-own view of how society should operate. I believe Lake Oswego is better than that.

Eric Meyer

Lake Grove

Re-elect Bill Tierney to city council

When I ran for city council in 2008 with Bill Tierney, I was impressed with his thoughtful approach to the many issues facing Lake Oswego and his commitment to ensuring the public’s interests would be well served.

Bill has upheld that commitment on city council and has earned our trust and support, while proving to be a strong leader on numerous tough city issues. He has acted in our best interests both in the short-term and with focus on the vision of what benefits our community in the long-term and moving Lake Oswego forward for future generations to enjoy.

Bill consistently reviews the facts, listens to all sides of the issues and makes a thoughtful approach to his decision-making, truly looking at what is best for our community. Bill is serving us well, and I urge that you re-elect Bill Tierney for city council.

Justin Luber

Lake Oswego

LOCAL: Red, blue, green, whatever

Recently several groups have been pointing out that LOCAL’s endorsed candidates are only Republicans.

We did not know that when we vetted them. Party affiliation is not and will not be part of LOCAL. We are a nonpartisan group that has come together with common values regarding our community.

As a members of the group, we can say that LOCAL is comprised of every political opinion — red, blue, green, whatever. You just have to attend one of our steering committee meetings to see, hear and feel the political diversity.

Our common interest is to ensure that Lake Oswego has a government that serves in the best interest of its citizens.

Ron Smith

LOCAL Director

Lake Oswego

Vote for Jordan for city council

I have known Terry Jordan for more than nine years. We met when she, her husband and their son moved to Lake Oswego and became students at World Champion Taekwondo where I am a student and instructor.

We have become friends and I know her on many different levels. She is always doing something to improve herself, to learn new skills and to be more physically fit. She has boundless energy, which she uses in her many and varied activities.

The thing that I admire most about Terry is her desire to help others. She has an amazing capacity for giving and is always involved in some volunteer activity. She has had some personal tragedies in her life, having lost two children, but she has always been positive and has used her energy for the good of others.

I have worked with her over the years in tae kwon do as she has progressed in rank and skill. She is now an instructor and a third-degree black belt. This position requires many skills, leadership being the most important. I believe Terry is very comfortable in a leadership role and will use her many talents in a very positive way on the Lake Oswego City Council if elected.

Joy Lee

Tae kwon do master

Former Lake Oswego resident now living in West Linn

Put Terry Jordan on the city council

Terry Jordan is an effective, experienced leader who will be an extraordinary city council member. She has an unmatched ability to find common ground in the midst of controversy, to face challenges with courage, and to listen and support constituents with focused insight.

Her devotion and intellect give her the ability to get up to speed on issues quickly, while her leadership experience guides disparate groups toward innovative solutions in a nonpartisan, fair way.

I have known Terry Jordan for more than 10 years, in her various roles as nonprofit board member, dedicated community leader, patient preschool teacher, successful entrepreneur, loving wife and mother, passionate storyteller and determined athlete.

Terry Jordan faces every aspect of her life with a refreshing positive attitude and an endless amount of dedication. Terry is uniquely qualified to serve on the council, because of the leader she is, not the direct experience she has. Given the opportunity, Terry Jordan will serve Lake Oswego with fresh insight and integrity.

Lori M. Walker

Executive director and founder, Village Home


O’Neill, Tierney, Gustafson deserve our votes

The purpose of this letter is to support Skip O’Neill and Bill Tierney for city council.

Skip O’Neill has been very successful in three different small businesses, has extensive experience negotiating with the city of Lake Oswego in his role as past president of the Lake Corporation and a homebuilder, has been a strong advocate for the school districts with three daughters who have gone through the system and coached several soccer and lacrosse teams over the years — some that did not have his children as participants. He will bring a thoughtful and pragmatic business mind to the city council and strive for common ground rather than acrimony.

Bill Tierney is running for re-election. He has already shown that his votes and attitude are thoughtful and pragmatic, often being the deciding vote on key issues. He has analyzed each issue on its merits, evaluating pros and cons, keeping an open mind. As liaison to PRAB, his perspective and practical input have been very valuable. He has been a very good city councilor.

I urge you to vote for Skip O’Neill, Bill Tierney and Jon Gustafson for city council.

Steve Dodds

Lake Oswego

Elect Macpherson, Tierney, Gustafson and O’Neill

I support Keep LO Great’s endorsed candidates because I believe:

  • These candidates know that Lake Oswego is financially stable. Our city’s excellence shows by maintaining our multimillion-dollar reserve and the highest possible bond rating.
  • These candidates know citizens want to keep our bonded debt down. They know our water project will add to it. They recognize the public’s bond fatigue.
  • These candidates will not go on a reckless spending spree and fund all the pending projects. They understand the delicate situation they will be in to manage finances with the city’s needs. They know no quick fixes will work; long-term planning/budgeting will work.
  • These candidates know they cannot frivolously cancel the LO-Tigard Water contract. Legal costs alone would be staggering. Candidates who want to cancel the project ack nowledge that millions of dollars would be lost. It would be foolish to consider cancellation, especially knowing our system is at the end of its life cycle.
  • These candidates do not spread a disingenuous message of fear.
  • Vote for Greg Macpherson for mayor and Bill Tierney, Jon Gustafson and Skip O’Neill for city council.

    Deborah Lopardo

    Former Lake Oswego School Board member

    Lake Oswego

    Vote Studebaker, Williams, Bowerman and O’Neill

    “The moderate tries to preserve the tradition of conflict, keeping the opposing sides balanced.”

    — David Brooks

    Let’s take the opportunity in this election to move away from the extreme agendas of those currently making decisions affecting all of us. I’ve worked on behalf of my neighborhood, LONAC, and as a Lake Grove stakeholder on citizen’s advisory committees that have presented views to the current city council. I’ve repeatedly witnessed those in power create imbalance, pursuing agendas out of proportion with what is needed or wanted by the majority of citizens.

    The Lake Oswego Budget Committee has been overturned three times by the council majority. That isn’t leadership; that’s a power play.

    Many neighborhoods are concerned about current policy direction that would allow increased density in existing single-family neighborhoods. Leadership could stop this, but they haven’t. Surveyed citizens have indicated that the council should resolve the (West End Building) before seeking voter approval of bonds for other large capital projects. Whether or not you want a new library or improvements to Boones Ferry Road, it isn’t leadership to kick the WEB problem down the road.

    Vote Studebaker, Williams, Bowerman and O’Neill. They will be accountable to citizens and provide true leadership.

    Carolyn Krebs

    Lake Oswego

    Three speakers set for WaterAfrica event

    During this frenetic political period, we often lose sight of what really matters.

    So it seems important to draw attention to an important upcoming event which focuses on bringing life-giving water to the world. WaterAfrica is partnering with the World Affairs Council to present three speakers: Congressman Earl Blumenauer will discuss what the U.S. government is doing to help more people have safe drinking water; Kelle Louaillier, executive director of Corporate Accountability International, will assert that water is a basic right, not a privilege; and Diane Savage will share her experiences related to water resources in Zambia.

    All this takes place Nov. 8 from 7- to 8:30 p.m., at the Old Church, 1422 SW 11th Ave., Portland. Please join us for this free event.

    Bill Savage

    President, WaterAfrica

    Lake Oswego

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