The Oct. 18 Lake Oswego Review contained a (citizen’s view) by Greg Macpherson asking for our votes. He presented no information on his stances on city issues, only numerous nebulous statements. In this year of politics we are exposed to “fact checks” repeatedly. Let us do that with his latest offering.

Macpherson will “restore civility to our civic life.” Fact check: when he is representing the main polarizing faction of Lake Oswego, how can he possibly restore civility? He will be perpetuating the existing division.

In several forums he advised he launched his campaign at the request of individuals whom he respects, failing to identify them. Fact check is that Judie Hammerstad and her supporters are the ones who asked him to enter the race after they determined Jack Hoffman could not be re-elected. It was the only way they could perpetuate their plans for the city of Lake Oswego.

While he made statements regarding other forces making the race a partisan contest, he was walking the city according to Democratic registrations. When he encountered a split registration family and the other party entered the discussion, he quickly departed to avoid any potential confrontation.

Macpherson will “Strengthen our schools.” As a proponent for the proposed urban renewal bond passages he is well aware that they will diminish funding for our schools.

He states “As mayor, I will advocate for renewal of the local option levy and expand the range of housing options available in the city so more young families can move here and add to the population of our schools.” Fact check is that he is speaking of the Foothills project and the high density suggested by the ongoing revision of the comprehensive plan, aspects threatening to change our community forever.

He says he would “Help local businesses thrive.” Fact check: Our local businesses will thrive when they are not so overloaded with city regulations and utility costs brought about by the excessive dreams of prior administrations of which he would be a mere extension.

He promises to pursue a new bicycle/pedestrian path on the right-of-way for the Willamette Shore Trolley line, knowing full well that would require abandoning future rail usage that he would never agree to.

He promises to “keep our neighborhoods safe.” When have we ever been threatened? Never! We are a safe community. Only if we keep overspending on projects will we have to cut police and fire services that would place us in an unsafe situation.

“The community has been enhanced by a number of public projects over the past 15 years.” Fact check, yes and these projects were started under prior mayors to Hammerstad though she officiated at their dedications and is intent on claiming credit. Of course we all love them but they were created when Lake Oswego was in a much stronger economic situation.

Macpherson said, “we should not abandon the work of community renewal. If we do, Lake Oswego will attract fewer of the educated, talented and dynamic citizens that are its greatest resource.” Fact check:  Lake Oswego has been chasing out those same citizens by excessiveness of spending over the last dozen years. Lake Oswego still has a reserve of those citizens and they are asking for the changes in administration that we must have.

Greg Macpherson is not the answer to Lake Oswego’s problems.

Gary Gipson is a resident of Lake Oswego and a member of the COLA-LO board of directors.

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