Each year, the Oregon Department of Education releases results on three different benchmark metrics. They are:

* Statewide assessments - the results of which were released two weeks ago. The report gives a detailed look at the assessments in reading, writing, mathematics and science. The assessments analyze improvement in various subgroups as a part of the AYP report released each fall.

* AYP, of which a preliminary report was released in August. Federal law requires that 100 percent of students meet state standards by 2014 and requires schools to meet growth targets each year. The AYP report is meant to identify schools in need of improvement, especially those serving a high percentage of children in poverty and receiving federal funds under Title I. Schools receiving Title I funds that do not meet AYP targets for two consecutive years are required to take additional steps to improve.

* The final document incorporating all of the results is the state report card, released in late fall. The report card is not based on a federal mandate, and the state intends it to be the most complete look at how schools are doing. Other data includes attendance, SAT scores and graduation rates. This is not to be confused with a district report card that will be presented at a future districtwide parent meeting.

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