by: CLIFF NEWELL Steve and Carrie Elliott think the time is right for Soletta Shoes, their new shoe store in downtown Lake Oswego. Their inventory will come from around the world.

Steve and Carrie Elliott are opening a shoe store in Lake View Village, but it isn't just any shoe store.

Soletta Shoes will offer the kind of fashionable shoes you just don't find very often in the Portland Metro area. The shoe shopping fun at Soletta Shoes starts on Friday at 10 a.m.

'Carrie is the expert,' praises Steve, and she has worked hard to provide unique, mostly one-of-a-kind shoes.

'We'll be offering fashionable and sophisticated styles of shoes,' Carrie said. 'But they'll also be practical enough so you don't have to wear them on just one kind of occasion.'

The Elliotts' shoes will come from Italy, Spain, France, Brazil and the USA and will include about 18 brands in all, including Coclico, Bettye Muller and Pons Quintana.

'Carrie knows shoes,' Steve said. 'She knows the current strengths and weaknesses of the current shoe environment.'

'I've chosen carefully,' Carrie said. 'I'm quite the shoe shopper myself.'

Carrie thinks that makes her like all other women, and she believes that gives her shoe store an excellent chance for success, even in these trying economic times.

'In general, women go nuts over shoes,' Carrie said.

'We're optimistic about the economy and we're optimistic about Lake Oswego,' Steve said. 'We're filling a different niche in the market.'

The Elliotts have lived in Lake Oswego for 25 years. Carrie owned her own interior decorating business, while Steve worked in the corporate world. But they almost went into the shoe business 10 years ago.

'The time wasn't right,' Steve said. 'We were raising three young kids. Today, we've got two kids in college and another in high school. Now is the right time.'

The Elliotts think their customers will like more than the shoes at Soletta Shoes.

'It will be a fun environment and a beautiful environment,' Steve said. 'As for customer service, we have a willingness to do anything.'

Carrie already proved that on her first sale. A week ago, she was sitting in a beauty parlor and mentioned she was opening a new shoe store in Lake Oswego.

This immediately caught the attention of the woman sitting next to her, who was looking for the 'perfect' pair of shoes to go with her dress for her son's wedding. When she described her dress, Carrie said, 'I think I've got it.'

Going the extra mile, Carrie brought over several pairs of shoes to the lady's house and, sure enough, she had the perfect pair.

'She bought them right there,' Carrie said.

Now the Elliotts hope to offer many shoe miracle stories in the future.

Soletta Shoes will also sell some accessories such as bags, scarves and jewelry, plus a few kinds of men's shoes.

The store will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. It is located at 390 N. State St., Suite #116.

For more information, go or call 503-210-4125.

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