A group of students in Jeff Moore’s Political Action Seminar class organized a mock election at Lake Oswego High School prior to the national election held Tuesday. Prompted by the League of Women Voters’ Oregon Student Mock Election program, the group, made up of Kurt Schimmelbusch, Ike Worth, Andrew Rockwell, Emily Wolfram, Bowen Mechigian, Zoe Wong, Mehek Sethi and Megan Ten Berge, compiled a ballot which included presidential and congressional candidates and state measures 80, 82, 83 and 85. The students conducted voter education classes before the election, which was held during lunch REVIEW PHOTO - From left, Political Action Seminar students Ike Worth, Kurt Schimmelbusch, Bowen Mechigian, Zoe Wong, Mehek Sethi, Megan Ten Berge, Emily Wolfram and Andrew Rockwell, organized a mock political election at Lake Oswego High School prior to the national election.

Of the school’s 1296 students 401 participated. The results of the LOHS mock election follow.

For President

Democrat Barack Obama was re-elected, receiving 61.9 percent of the votes.

Constitution Party received .5 percent

Libertarian Party 7.2

Republican Party 26

Green Party 2.4

In the U.S. Congressional District 5 election:

Kurt Schrader received 69.9

Fred Thompson received 30.

Ballot measures

Measure 80 — which allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation and sale: 58.2 percent in favor, 41.79 opposed

On measures 82 (which amends the state constitution, authorizing establishment of privately-owned casinos) and 83, (which authorizes The Grange, a privately-owned casino in Wood Village) the results were 32.20 percent in favor and 64 opposed

On Measure 85, which amends the state constitution, and allocates corporate income/excise tax “kicker” refund to automatically fund K through 12 public education, the tally was 50.6 percent for passage and 49 opposed.

The students said that while some students voted as they expected their parents would, during the lunchtime election if they were uncertain about how to vote they asked friends for advice.

“We were there to answer their questions,” Wolfram said. “And people helped each other. Even if we are in school the issues still affect our lives. It’s a big motivator to keep up on current events.”

Mechigian was the only student in the group of organizers eligible to vote in the Nov. 6 election. He registered to vote during a PAS sponsored registration drive held earlier.

“I feel prepared,” he said. “It was fun to put on the mock election and watch everybody become more independent of their parents’ thoughts.”

In all more than 49,000 Oregon students participated in classroom exercises, voting or both as part of the LWV’s Oregon Student Mock Election. Student voters statewide chose Barack Obama for President by a wide margin and overwhelmingly supported Ballot Measure 85, which would redirect corporate kicker funds to schools.

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