by: RITA A. LEONARD - This 23-foot-long inflatable basking shark was the star of a special Sellwood Library program in October, focused on shark facts and fun shark activities.On Sunday, October 21, the Sellwood-Moreland Branch Library presented a special free screening of a prize-winning children’s film about sharks.

The “Shark Riddle” program also brought to the library a 23-foot-long inflatable basking shark, which loomed over the children’s book section. The impressive leviathan was one of the stars of the award-winning film. The afternoon also included a variety of music, riddles, and fun activities for the children and families who attended.

The movie was created by Portland-based wildlife film-makers Laura and Robert Sams, who were present for the hour-long program. “Shark Riddle” is a half-hour film featuring facts about more than twenty species of sharks. The movie is a co-production of Sisbro Studios LLC (see HYPERLINK "" and the Save Our Seas Foundation, and it won two “Best Children’s Film” awards, one national and one international, among other distinctions.

“Shark Riddle" is the second episode in “The Riddle Solver” film series. The riddle posed in this case: What is the biggest shark in the ocean, and what do its teeth look like?

In the movie, viewers met a raucous group of singing sea lions, experienced the underwater game show “Are You a Shark?”, listened to a shark lullaby and whale shark opera, and went to shark camp. The movie also included fascinating footage of wild sharks in their natural habitat.

It was one of many special events at Inner Southeast branch libraries, all of them free, which are regularly spotlighted in the “Events and Activities” calendar each month in THE BEE.

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